Things I've found myself yelling

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By Robert Villanueva

It has been about six months since we welcomed a Pomeranian puppy into our home and Zorro has kept things interesting.

Not only has he been dubbed Zorro the Destroyer, because of his penchant for turning everything into personal chew toys, but he has become an active sparring partner for Tybalt.

Maybe one of the most noticeable contributions Zorro has made to the household is providing a springboard for new language.

Let me explain.

Zorro generally is your typical inquisitive and active puppy. When he plays with Tybalt, things tend to get spirited, usually noisy and fraught with things only dogs would understand.

That often leads to me saying things I’ve never expected I would say — usually shouting them.

Phrases such as, “Get your nose out of there!” or “Get that out of your mouth!” are not uncommon in our household.

Granted, it is not unusual for dogs to hear such things or pet owners to utter them, it’s just that Zorro has pushed boundaries further than other puppies we’ve had in our home, so I’ve uttered those phrases more often than before. With our previous puppies, I rarely found it necessary to shout anything other than the occasional “No!”

Zorro, on the other hand, is very stubborn. He apparently doesn’t like to hear that word and waits until we’re not looking to try the same thing again.

Throw into the mix our other canine companion, Tybalt, who often gets caught up in the escapades of the puppy, and sometimes our household becomes a shouting arena of odd demands.

It wasn’t until the past couple of weeks that I started thinking how odd some of the things I’ve been shouting sound. Out of context, they would be plain weird.

Here are some of those things I’ve found myself shouting:

“Don’t eat that!”

“What did you get into?”

“Step away from the plant.”

“How in the world did you do that?”

“Stop digging!”

“How did you get there?”


OK. Maybe that last one is not so odd out of context. But even within context it’s not something I expected to shout several times a day.

I understand Zorro is the exception to our past Pomeranian puppy experiences and that he should not be compared to others. But he has kept our household members on their toes more than any of our past companions.

Or maybe it has just been too long since we had a puppy in our household. The last two canine companions we’ve had — Tybalt and Nanook — were adults when we got them. The last time we had a puppy in the house was in 1993-94.


I’m pretty sure Zorro is making up for our good fortune at not having previous Pom puppies that created so much mischief.

It’s just time for me to face that fact.

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