Toys! Toys! Toys!

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By Becca Owsley


The News-Enterprise

Gone are the days when Johnny wants a pair of skates and Susie a sled. A child’s Christmas list has become more complex.

With so many toy options out there it’s sometimes hard to decide what to give the kids on your list each year. Not to mention, if you are not familiar with today’s toys you might need an interpreter.

Here’s a look at what The Toy Insider named hot toys this season and some advice from local children who have compiled their own Christmas lists.

The website www.toyinsider.com breaks the top toys of 2013 down into subcategories.

  • Top infant and toddler toys: Big Hugs Elmo, Go! Go!  Smart Wheels Construction Playset, Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car and Twilight Turtle Tunes.
  • Top preschool toys: “Despicable Me 2” Talking Minion Dave and Stuart, Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center, Hexbug Nano V2 Black Hole, Leappad Ultra, Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends and Wing Control Dusty Crophopper R/C Plane.
  • Top grade school toys: Battroborg, Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler, Disney Infinity, Flutterbye Fairies, Mega Blcoks Barbie Build ‘N Play Super Star Stage and Skylanders Swap Force.
  • Top tween toys: Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Stunt, Draw Something Party Game, Kurio Touch and Lego Chima Cragger’s Command Ship.

Along with the other tech toys on this list the site also recommends Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer, Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle, EZ Pro DJ, Furby Boom, Innotab, Leapreader, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Mindstorms EV3 and Zoomer as other top toys in 2013.

But if you are like most adults, the list might as well be written in Greek. Local kids have come to the rescue by giving some ideas of what kids might want for Christmas and an explanation of some of the top items on the list.

At Elizabethtown Christian Academy, Matthew McClure, 8, said he wants a Pokémon game for the Nintendo 3DS for Christmas. According to Matthew, video games are very popular for his age group.

To help interpret the list of top toys, he explained that a Skylander is a figure you put on a portal so it can come alive in the video game. Many teachers walking by stated that their sons wanted Skylanders Swamp Force, which made the top toy list.

For Karen Havens, age 9, electronics are popular. She wants an iPad for Christmas.

She explained that the Flutterbye Fairy on the list is a toy you charge and then put in the palm of your hand so it can fly up in the air.

Another teacher mentioned her son is interested in the Air Hogs item on the list.

Four-year-olds at ECA had many opinions about what kids might want for Christmas. Top on their lists were bikes and skateboards. Many wanted one because they already had a helmet. They stressed that a helmet was necessary in case they fall down and bump their head.

Other popular items were dolls in pretty dresses, dolls that talk, Monster High dolls and superhero items like Batman and Spiderman.

Many have played Angry Birds Star Wars games or played with the toys and said they were very popular. Others explained items like the Twinkle Turtle project stars on the ceiling, which they said was very cool.

The kids in Cub Scout Pack 130 had a few more suggestions. They overwhelmingly agreed that electronics are hot this Christmas. They suggested DS systems, iPods, iPhone 5, Xbox 360 and several of the items on the top toy list such as the popular Sylanders.

Cailean Garrett, age 10, explained that with Disney Infinity, players can play with other friends in worlds and adventures they help create.

The group also explained that Zoomer is a robot dog you can play with and teach tricks.

Remote control cars and motorsport items like four-wheelers also were suggested.

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