Trash collection down a day in Radcliff

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Change has led to customer confusion

By Marty Finley

By MARTY FINLEY mfinley@thenewsenterprise.com

RADCLIFF — Residents will be seeing a decrease in the number of trash pickups and on their monthly bill this year.

Radcliff City Council recently approved a bid of $11.40 from Waste Management for its mandatory trash collection fee.

The bid, recommended by Planning Department Manager Steve Barno, was the lower of the two bids presented to the council. Rumpke presented a bid of $14.00 for once-a-week pickup, but did not present a bid for twice-a-week service, Barno said. Waste Management presented an alternate bid for twice-a-week service at $17.33, but Barno said he recommended the once-a-week bid to keep monthly costs down for customers.

However, the former twice-a-week schedule has been in place for years and people have grown used to it, he said, which has led to some confusion from customers. He said he believes it is a simple misunderstanding, with many not yet realizing that the city has accepted a new bid.

Commercially, the Waste Management bid was better as well, Barno said. Each bidder presented a list of prices for the various services they offer to commercial businesses, Barno said. Of 1,013 accounts, 625 would have been better benefited by the Waste Management bid while 388 would have benefited more from the Rumpke bid. Barno said the city wanted to go with the bid that would be the least expensive for the most people.

Those who use the waste hauler’s garbage cans also will save more with Waste Management, he said. Waste Management’s can rentals are $2 per month while Rumpke’s can rentals were $5.50 under the bid.

The bid is for a five-year franchise, with Waste Management returning as the city's waste hauler. Barno said the previous rate was $11.92 for twice-a-week service.

The new rate went into effect during the first week of January, Barno added.

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