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IRS trying to deliver 127 checks in county

By John Friedlein



HARDIN COUNTY — The Internal Revenue Service has released a list of local taxpayers who have yet to receive 127 economic stimulus and tax refund checks because of mailing problems.

Of the 2007 refunds — which averaged $651 — 23 did not make it to Hardin County residents, IRS spokeswoman Jodie Reynolds said. There were 104 undeliverable stimulus checks that averaged $567.

Checks go undelivered often because the recipient recently moved.

To receive these checks, taxpayers must update their addresses with the IRS.

“We’re not sending it anywhere without the taxpayer’s approval,” she said.

The individuals could avoid the hassle entirely by electronically filing and requesting the IRS put the money directly into a bank account, Reynolds said.

While the IRS will mail unclaimed regular refunds when taxpayers file with a new address next year, taxpayers who want their undelivered stimulus checks must act soon. They must update their addresses by Nov. 28; the government, by law, must mail these checks by the end of the year.

Most of those who are to receive this year’s economic stimulus checks have already gotten them, Reynolds said. The remaining ones — that weren’t undeliverable — are going mostly to late filers.

More than 279,000 economic stimulus checks worth roughly $163 million and more than 104,000 regular refund checks totaling $103 million were returned by the U.S. Postal Service because of address errors, according to an IRS news release.

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said the IRS is committed to making the process as easy as possible.

“All a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once,” he said. “The IRS will then send out all checks due.”

FIND OUT MORE. To inquire the status of a check, visit www.IRS.gov and use the “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?” tool. Taxpayers also can call (866) 234-2942.

John Friedlein can be reached at (270) 505-1746.


The IRS released this list of Hardin County residents who have undeliverable checks.

FORT KNOX: Rodney J. Allen, Christopher W. Ashworth, Cassie C. Bagley, Abriel L. Barber, Michaearl W. Bending, Daniel J. Doyle, Brian H. Eltherington, William T. Harvey, Theron V. Hobbs, Cortez A. Jackson, Ira M. Jordan, Eric G. II and Mandy L. Kloth, Carmelita R. Macho, Jhonny Mancia-Cruz, Cedria L. Mincy, Michael J. Orwig, Michael A. Pacheco, Jeremy and Michelle Pavlic, Michael A. Roberts Jr., John Sanders, James A. and Ruby A. Skeeler, Erron D. Smith, Nathanael A. Snyder, Christopher P. Wolf, Cemon C. Young

RADCLIFF: Vanessa A. Andrade, Randy L. Angel, Otto and Kendra Maloney Bailey, Mildred Ballinger, Keith D. Baxley, Paxton L. Boyd, Cassandra L. Chatman, Duncan Claxton, Kenneth M. Deibel, Mark D. Estrada, Ruperto Estrada, Mark A. Evans, Dante M. Gamble, Ladell Gilbert, Cassandra L. Gilley, Irven C. and Patricia D. Graham, Roger R. Hawkins, Jeremy R. Hernandez, Nija D. Jones, Terrence Jones, Peter D. Kreiter, Michael B. Lee, Joshua T. Lemasters, Scott A. Lockard, Louis E. Marin, Charlie Maynor, Michael D. Mills, My and Long N. Vo Nguyen, Danny B. Piatt, Nicolas C. Pinaula Jr., David A. Pitvorec, Victor D. Pumford, Latoya D. Scott, Paul T. Scott, Michael L. Shands Jr., Martin K. Smith, James E. Warren, Albert R. Williams, Ronda Wood, Juanita C. Woodring, Danny D. York

ELIZABETHTOWN: Allen S. Beasley, Geneva Carroll, Margaret E. Cecil, Dustin Clinkenbeard, Courtney Cribbs, Ricky D. Crump, Larry D. Davis Jr., Larry J. Ernspiker II, Christopher J. Estrada, Rowena Frazier, Aaron A. Glenn, Manolis D. and Shannon K. Glykas, Bulmaro Gonzaga-Valencia, Vincent Gonzalez, Felix L. Hatfield, Jennifer Hawkins, Abigail L. Hensley, Victor Hernandez, Bruce G. and Michele Hicks, Eric R. Johnsten, David R. Jones, Brian McCrary, Shawna R. McKinney, Wiltha M. Morales, Charles W. Morgan, Anna Moten, Damon L. Powell, James E. Pritchett, Jenna A. Sepessy, Sourinha Sisoumankhara, Jeffery J. Skees, Mildred Smith, Aron Stanley, Jennifer M. Taul, John M. Thomas, William C. Thomas, Jeffery D. Whang Jr., Gregory A. Whitaker II, Katie and Joseph Wise, Lacey M. Wright

EASTVIEW: Martin A. Hawkins Jr.

GLENDALE: Jesse M. Brown, Richard M. Pease II, Ladonna Sheldon, Anthony W. Wilkerson

RINEYVILLE: Spencer T. Freeman, Thomas W. Martin, George A. Nellen

SONORA: James P. and Cindy Reynolds

VINE GROVE: Doris C. Davis, Jeremy M. Fuller, Joseph P. Hall, Douglas J. Hazel, Tina M. Hodges, Timothy A. Martin, George P. Whelan