This Valentine's Day, don't settle for illusion

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Column by Robert Valvano

I did magic in college. I love magic...its fun, entertaining, exciting.

But, as you know, the card doesn't really disappear, the woman isn't cut in half, the building doesn't vanish.

It's all illusion. It's not real.

So, how odd is it, with Valentine's Day upon us, that we look for "magic" in love?

"Magic" is something you only can enjoy if you ignore the fact it isn't real.

Is that what we want in our most meaningful relationships? Something not real?

I think people regularly find "magic." And the number of failed relationships and heartbreak reflects it. They find "magic," and they're still ultimately unhappy, because they really aren't looking for "magic."

They're looking for love.

Magic isn't that hard to find, really. Give me a deck of cards and in 15 minutes, I will be happy to show you some.

But love, true love, is far more rare, and ought to be treasured, cherished, and celebrated.

It's beyond the differences between infatuation and love. It's bigger than that, deeper than that.

Comparing magic to love is comparing an illusion to a miracle.

So on this Valentine's Day, I wish all of you a day devoid of magic.

I hope it is far better, much more exciting and filled with a person who is a treasured gem in your life.

A real gem. No illusions.

Happy Valentine's Day.

A college basketball coach for 21 years, Robert Valvano is an ESPN sportscaster and radio host. He can be reached at bob@espnlouisville.com or follow him on Facebook.