Veterans urged to remember this vote

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Veterans who vote should remember that our own United States representative, Brett Guthrie, voted for the federal budget deal that reduces the cost-of-living benefits for veteran retirees younger than 62. His vote was to reduce veteran’s cost of living.

Congressman Guthrie took the easy way out, abandoning veterans when our country no longer needs them. Both of our United States senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, opposed this budget deal that cut benefits to veterans. They understand the sacrifice made by our veterans and realize the bond between United States citizens and veterans should not be broken.

The article in the Jan. 13, 2014, edition of The News-Enterprise, called Locals say military retiree cuts unfair, noted the following, “Local veterans said reducing benefits built into retirement packages earned by veterans is an ‘unfair’ practice and an unjustified way to save money.” If that is so, every veteran that votes should remember Congressman Brett Guthrie did not support veterans on Election Day, while Sens. McConnell and Paul did support veterans through their opposition to the bill.

James R. Harrison