VVA members gather for March meeting

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The Vietnam Veterans of America, Gold Vault Patriots, Chapter 1051 monthly membership meeting was March 17. A state council meeting was held prior to this in the same conference room. Several guest speakers from that meeting spoke at the Chapter 1051 meeting. The first guest speaker was Ed Spencer, state membership chairman. His wife, Elaine Spencer, was the second speaker. She is the associate Vietnam Veterans of America state representative. The AVVA offers support and backup to the VVA and its members are those who do not fall in the category of the regular VVA. Anyone can become a member of AVVA. The new local representative is Isa Semper after she receives the qualified training. The last speakers were Bev Rickey and Nancy Cox of the Women’s Network of Greater Hardin County. The organization has been in existence for 12 years and is dedicated to what is going on politically voting wise, people who vote and getting those who don’t vote out there to cast their ballot. 


For information on the club, contact Sally Johns, 352-2765, or visit www.vietnamveterans1051.org.