Website access: A message from the publisher

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Thank you for using thenewsenterprise.com. It can be a valuable part of your local news and information resources. Our company appreciates your loyal readership and use of our website.

The News-Enterprise website now asks frequent users to establish a paid password for unrestricted access to news and information on the site. As an active newspaper subscriber, you have full access to the site through your subscription account number. No additional payment is necessary for our current print edition subscribers.

If you haven't already done so, registration is quick and easy on the website. It does require your account number, which is printed on subscription renewal forms. If you need assistance in the process, call our customer service department for help during business hours any weekday. The number is (270) 505-1770.

If you're not a subscriber to our print edition, you still can access up to 15 news stories or other items of content free of charge each month before being asked to establish a paid registration. There are multiple registration options available for you selection. These options include Full Access to all content features throughout the site and a Limited Access option allowing users to interact with community calendars, forums and other limited features.

If you're not sure which is right for you, we also have a one-time 30-day Free Trial option to help you decide.

At all times, other portions of content on the website will remain accessible. Unrestricted items include all Marketplace retail and classified advertising; all special feature and advertising supplements found under the "Special Sections" link; all legal notices and news of record information found under the Public Notices link; and all obituary information located under that particular link.

Again, thanks for using thenewsenterprise.com and reading our daily print edition.

The News-Enterprise trusts you find exceptional value in all the news, feature and advertising information we gather, produce and make conveniently available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the website. I encourage you to register for full access to this information.

Chris Ordway, publisher
The News-Enterprise