Wet Web Wonders

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Faces & Placees

By Neal Cardin

 “The spider's web: She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The longer the web takes, the more fabulous its construction. She has no need to chase. She sits quietly, her patience a consummate force; she waits for her prey to come to her on their own, and then she ensnares them, injects them with venom, rendering them unable to escape. Spiders – so needed and yet so misunderstood.” 


Donna Lynn Hope

Each night spiders weave their magic in fence rows, on weeds and in fields trying to catch a meal. As the sun rises and back lights the morning dew, the pieces of art glow giving the eye a chance to see the intricacies of the almost perfect construction. Here are but a few examples of some the thousands of webs visible on Thursday morning as a heavy fog lifted.