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April 21, 2013

White Mills

Terri Spencer, 862-4604

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. How many of you typed this when practicing on a manual typewriter? I remember typing it over and over because it used all of your fingers. I never thought about it much, however. They were just words I practiced typing. Now it means so much more. After the bombing this week in Boston, it is apparent to me the good men in this country need to get up and get busy. No, I don’t mean retribution, I mean we need to get back to the morals we were taught as children. Things like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “Two wrongs do not make a right”. How about “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all”? Parents didn’t have to give a reason when they told us to do something. They just said “Because I said so!” and we did it or else. Adults were treated with respect just because they were adults and we were kids. We have gone so far from those days so that we can respect others “rights” we have lost one of the most important rights of all, the right to feel safe when doing something as non-life threatening as running a marathon or going to a ballgame or a horserace or anything else. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are suffering right now because someone thought that what they care about is more important than the lives of innocent people.

ANNIVERSARIES. Happy anniversary to Larry and Rosemarie Hay, who will celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary April 24; and to Tim and Laura Beth Sarver, who will celebrate 16 years together April 26.

BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday to Kamden Murphy on April 22. He absolutely is one of the cutest babies I know. Have a great day, Kamden.

CHURCH NEWS. On May 5, the Childress Family will sing at the White Mills Baptist Church morning service as we celebrate our homecoming Sunday. A potluck meal will follow the service. If you have been a member of White Mills Baptist Church in the past, please come back home and celebrate with us. If you know of anyone who has since moved from the area but used to attend our church, would you please let them know about homecoming? We would love to see our church filled with members both past and present.

GET-WELL THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. Get-well thoughts and prayers go out to Lois Gray, Sydney Dover, Brooklynn Disselcamp, Noreida Reesor, Tiffany Rice Spratt, Calvin and Velma Sarver, Brendan Weir, Michael Jegier, Darrell Jones, Delbert Logsdon, Delbert Love, Janice Cook, Teresa Mullins, Sharon Quinn, Hallie Thompson, Maxine Ewing, Aaron Ragland, Jean Ammons, Ann Hoffman and Jim Long. If you have anyone that you would like for me to add or to take off the list, please contact me.

SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. If you have any news that you would like to see printed in the column, please contact me at 862-4604 or email joshuak218@windstream.net. Have a blessed week.