White Mills community news

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Jan. 19, 2014

White Mills

Terri Spencer, 270-862-4604

It is Tuesday while I am writing this and I am not feeling very well. I had a fever earlier in the day and my arthritis was hurting like crazy. I started to feel sorry for myself and then realized there are so many people feeling a lot worse than I am. So tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll use it more constructively than I did today. I hope all of you are doing well. I know the flu has been going around. I keep saying, I can’t get the flu, I don’t have time to be sick.

We had something really wonderful happen in our family last week. Kenny got a new job. The job he had closed the plant he worked at and he was more than a little worried about what he was going to do. When you are 57, it gets a lot tougher to find work. Praise God, Dean’s Milk called him and he is back delivering milk to Hardin County Schools. He really likes his job and I really like getting him out of the house.

BIRTHDAYS. Happy belated birthday wishes to Cheryl Murdock on Jan. 13; Dean Horn and Stephanie Pawley on Jan. 17; and Kim Keiter and Monica Hammett on Jan. 18. I am sorry I am late with these.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Megan Elmore on Jan. 21; Stephanie Underhill on Jan. 22; and Marty Roberts and Mason Douglas on Jan. 24. I hope you all have wonderful birthdays.

CHURCH NEWS. White Mills Baptist Church will take a group up to Louisville on Jan. 24 for Winter Jam. It is a Christian concert of 10 different bands and it always is a lot of fun. I enjoy going every year as long as we don’t sit too close to the speakers.

COMMUNITY NEWS. I don’t have anything to put in here this week. Please let me know if you have something going on in your community, church or family you want to let people know about. I love it when I have things to share with everyone.

GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well thoughts and prayers go out Lois Gray, Sydney Dover, Brooklynn Disselcamp, Tiffany Rice Spratt, Calvin and Velma Sarver, Brendan Weir, Darrell Jones, Delbert Logsdon, Delbert Love, Hallie Thompson, Kathy Richardson, Jean Ammons, Angel Johnston, Jim Long, Shirley Williams, Olene Richardson, Kevin Thorp, Richard Keiter, Virginia Trujillo, Melissa Fagnant, Sharon Lindsey, Melissa Fagnant, Sandy Freeman, Angela Weir and Rose Brown. If you have anyone you would like for me to add or to take off the list, please contact me.

SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. If you have any news you would like to see in the column, please contact me at 270-862-4604 or email joshuak218@windstream.net. Have a blessed week.