White Mills community news

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Aug. 7, 2011

White Mills

Kathleen Booker, 862-4922

BACK HOME. Kandy Davis Swanson and son, Chance, have returned home to Manteca, Calif., after spending 10 days in the area visiting family and friends. She spent several days with her dad, G.A. Davis, and also visited her grandmother, myself.

SLEEPOVER. Elnoah and Kathy Gragson’s grandchildren, Conner, Logan and Sydney Thompson and Zack and Gavan Young spent last Wednesday with them. Chloe Thompson spent last Saturday with her grandparents.

SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the families of Betty Kirchner, Charles “Chuck” Campbell, William Bush and Nora Higdon.

Sympathy to Brother Don and Brenda Flanigan on the death of their daughter, Jodi Richardson. Brother Don Flanigan is the pastor of Unity Baptist Church. Brother Gerald Murphy brought the message last Sunday at Unity Baptist in the absence of its pastor.

GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well wishes to Donna Pearson, Saundra Powers, David Johnson, Wesley Cardin, Bonnie Ward and all others who are ill.

BIRTHDAY WISHES. Happy birthday to Lloyd Atkinson and Samantha Butler.

CHURCH NEWS. On Aug. 21, the Stephensburg community evening service will be at Unity Baptist Church. Brother Don Flanigan will bring the message.

The annual White Mills Christian Church Picnic is at noon Aug. 21, at White Mills Christian Camp. A potluck dinner with canoeing, swimming and games to follow. For information, call Tim Dennis, 369-6284.

R.O.C.K. (Reach Out For Christ) resumes from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Aug. 17 in the life center of White Mills Chrisitan Church. A carnival-type kickoff will begin the program. Everyone is welcome. For information, call Tim Dennis, 369-6284.

OUT AND ABOUT. Ervin and Violet Stith and other relatives attended the St. Paul picnic last Saturday. They attended a surprise birthday party for Mary Ann Skees last Sunday. Several relatives were there to help surprise Mary Ann. Ervin and Violet’s weekend visitors were Danny Stith, Mary White and Donnie Stith.

RETIREMENT. Congratulations to Barbara Smallwood on her retirement from Nolin RECC.