White Mills community news

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April 1, 2012

White Mills

Kathleen Booker, 862-4922

SCHOOL NEWS. Just a reminder early registration for preschool and kindergarten is April 6. Spring break week for Hardin County Schools is April 9.

BIRTHDAY WISHES AND CELEBRATIONS. Happy birthday to Mark Booker, April 3; Elizabeth Bailey, April 6; and Brian Early and Janet McKinley, April 8. Happy belated 87th birthday March 25 to Bob Hart.

A first birthday party was given for Chloe Thompson, daughter of Nick and Marsha Thompson, last Saturday at their home. Chloe turned one March 22. Several family members attended including grandparents, Elnoah and Kathy Gragson, Danny and Linda Thompson and Renita Thompson.

GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well wishes to Darold Richardson, David Johnson, Evelyn Kendall, Richard Haslar, Evelyn Stasel, Louise Williams, Steve Booker, Jane and Margaret Hayse, Tommy Hayse, Eddie Booker, Danny Thompson and all others who are ill.

SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the family of Lonnie Douglas Sr., to Bonnie Ward in the loss of her sister, Margie Yates, and to the family of Jerry Clemons.

WEDDING. Congratulations to Amber and Charles O’Brien, who were married Feb. 14 in Soufriere, St. Lucia. Amber is the daughter of Dennis and Debbie Fulkerson of White Mills.

VISITS. Last Sunday dinner visitors of Ervin and Violet Stith were Danny Stith and Mary White. Other visitors recently were Angel Stith and Donnie Stith.

OUT AND ABOUT. Ervin and Violet Stith visited the Sacred Heart Village in Louisville last Friday with C.C. Howard and Paulette Petkus. They stopped at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church on their way home for its fish fry.

CHURCH NEWS. St. Ignatius Catholic Church will have a potluck meal after church today. Visitors are welcome.

GATHERING. Some of the West Hardin Class of ‘65 enjoyed a meal and fellowship March 22, at a restaurant in Elizabethtown. Those attending were Wanda Nichols, Janet Heit, Carolyn Grimes, Alice Elliott, Violet Stith, Sheila Gosa, Wanda Humphrey, DeLoise Priddy and Geraldine Exler.