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Feb. 10, 2013

White Mills

Terri Spencer, 862-4604

If you are very blessed in your life, you will meet someone who touches your life in such a way that you are forever changed. You will remember that person until you die because they have become a part of who you are. Hubert Lee was just such a person. I have known Hubert Lee for many years. I graduated from West Hardin High School with his son, Joey Lee. Hubert was one of the reasons my husband and I joined White Mills Baptist Church. His devotion to the Lord, his quiet sense of humor and his no nonsense attitude drew me to this man. And while I am sure he was no angel, he certainly lived his faith and tried to share it with others. His faith helped him to survive the loss of his son, Joey, and then later his beloved wife, Maribelle. He was a quiet man who exuded strength and dignity. He taught me by the way he lived his life that God can bring us through anything if we will only lean on Him. Hubert Lee passed away two weeks ago. He will be missed by his son, Danny, and the rest of his family and by his many friends. But his memory will never die, because he left behind such a wonderful legacy of faith. Rest in peace, Hubert.

BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go out to Jasmine Hubley, Lily Sallee and Randy Murdock, all on Feb. 10; Lorine Horn on Feb. 11; Laura Beth Sarver and Tammy Keplinger on Feb. 13; and Deborah Linder Gamblin, Feb. 14. I hope you all will have a truly wonderful day.

ANNIVERSARIES. Happy anniversary to David and Sherri May and Josh and Bonnie Sheetz. Both couples will celebrate their anniversaries Feb. 12.

CARING AND SHARING. I received a message from Loretta Johnson telling me her sister, Kathy Gragson, is getting ready to donate her hair to Locks of Love for the second time. If you have ever needed a wig, you will understand why this gift is so precious. Natural hair wigs make you feel more like it is your own hair. If a woman needs a wig because she has lost her hair due to illness or chemo, she already is dealing with enough. How wonderful that people are willing to donate their hair so those women can feel beautiful again. So, thank you, Kathy for what you and others are doing to help those in need.

CHURCH NEWS. More than 20 of us from White Mills Baptist Church attended “Winter Jam” on Feb. 2 in Lousiville. “Winter Jam” is a concert that features many different Christian bands. This year the headliner group was Toby Mac. We arrived 15 minutes before the doors opened and there already was a long line around the building. When we finally got inside, we had to sit in the top sections and we couldn’t find seats all together. The concert sold out and many people had to be turned away. It was such an awesome evening to see so many people come to hear and sing about the glory of the Lord. If you have never been there, it will be back next year. By the way, if you are older than 40, you might want to bring ear plugs. Some of the music gets very loud.

GET-WELL PRAYERS AND WISHES. Please continue to remember Velma Sarver as she recovers from heart surgery. She is doing well, but still needs our prayers. Also remember Tammy Keplinger as she recovers from knee surgery, Sydney Dover, Missy Disselcamp, Dewayne Blanton and Delbert Logsdon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. Iyou have any news you would like to see printed, please contact me at 862-4604 or email joshuak218@windstream.net. May God bless all of you with a wonderful week.