Who the fark is running this paper - Bombing in Boston buried on page 5?!?!

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I can not beleive that this paper had the audacity not to have the event that happened in Boston yesterday in the front page.  Who is running this paper?  Whomever it is does not understand the impact of the event of April 15, 2013. 

How dare this paper bury this news on page 5, while everywhere I look it is front page news. 


Shame on everyone at this paper.

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Boston Bombing

The NE is a LOCAL paper, covering LOCAL news for folks in this region. They do not normally cover national events, no matter the impact. If you are counting on this paper to keep you abreast of breaking news on the global stage, then you are going to be continually disappointed. All you will see is what came over the wire...unless there is a LOCAL angle, which they will cover reasonably well.