You go, girl ... I mean, your majesty

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By Becca Owsley

 In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II inherited the throne of England.

Some might wonder who would care about her reign. The answer: lots of people, even here in Hardin County.

In fact, a gentleman recently stopped by the office with a memento from the queen’s coronation, which took place in 1953. It was a photo book celebrating the occasion. It belonged to his grandmother and had been passed down to him.

The coronation of 1953 was the first ever televised in Britain and had one of the largest viewing audiences of any event in England. It was watched by more than a million people around the world.

She succeeded her father, George VI, who helped bring Britain through World War II. As a princess, she trained as a truck driver in the Auxiliary Territorial Service in Britain during World War II.

This year, the queen celebrates her diamond jubilee. The country will celebrate from June 2 to 5 with many events and regalia. Elizabeth is one of only two monarchs who have sat on the throne for 60 years or more. The other was Queen Victoria.

As queen she is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms. She also is the head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. As monarch of the United Kingdom she is Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

She also meets weekly with the prime minister, starting with Winston Churchill at the beginning of her reign.

With the recent excitement of a royal wedding, the British monarchy is back in public fascination, including audiences across the pond. We’ve had few qualms with English monarchs since that little squabble with King George III in the 1770s, why not enjoy the queen’s big day.

Spending 60 years in a public position is an accomplishment of any kind. She’s also still held in high regard by most of her subjects. There may have been a few years during the Princess Diana days when she wasn’t quite as popular, but the queen seems back on top today.

She has charming grandchildren who keep people interested in the royals, not to mention pets that have gained much attention in the past few years.

Everyone knows about her love of those crazy little short legged dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis. A recent study credits her fascination with the breed to bringing them back from the brink of extinction. She has had a corgi, usually several, since she received one as a gift from her father when she was a girl.

She is also fond of horses, visiting Kentucky a few times to see some of the famed horse farms and Labrador Retrievers.

I might not be a monarch but I can relate to her love of corgis and Labradors.

Because she loves dogs and can drive a truck better than most, there’s a touch of humanity under that crown.

She also looks pretty cool in a hat and shares a birthday with my grandmother, Iva Lee Owsley, who also looks good in a hat.

Congratulations your majesty, 60 years on the throne is quite an accomplishment.

Even though my dogs, Boo and Duke, are of her majesty’s favorite breeds, they will not be visiting the castle during the celebrations for fear they will be cast into the Tower of London for their bad behavior.

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