Young movie-goers weigh in on their favorite flicks

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By Becca Owsley

The children’s film industry is huge. In fact, of the 20 top-grossing films of 2012, six were animated, earning a total of around $2 billion.

On top of theater earnings, there are many children’s films that go straight to rental/DVD. But among those rentals, there are some duds. If you are not careful you might have to sit through a film called “The Talking Cat.”

Some local pint-sized movie critics weighed in on what’s worth watching. They talked to The News-Enterprise about a wide range of favorite characters, from mermaids to superheroes, and offered a list of kid-approved flicks.

Harper Taylor, 5, raved about “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.”

She likes this movie because it’s sweet.

“The ponies turn into girls and the girls turn into ponies,” she said.

It follows the adventures of Twilight Sparkle after Sunset Shimmer stole her crown and went thought a magic mirror. Twilight Sparkle and her dragon, Spike, follow her through the mirror.

“Kids should watch this movie because it is exciting and shows the power of friendship is very important and Spike is funny as a dog,” she said.

Carter McCray, 6, loves “Star Wars.”

“It has a good background and also has good people,” Carter said.
His reason kids should watch it is a bit of a spoiler.

“They could see that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father and they probably didn’t know that,” he said.

He also likes “Despicable Me,” especially the ending when the main character, Gru, dances and does the splits.

“They might see something funny and I think they might like it,” he said, explaining why kids should see the movie. “It’s for entertainment.”

His sister, Anneliese, who turns 5 next week, likes “The Little Mermaid.” She enjoys Ariel’s singing.

According to Anneliese, it should be obvious why children should see this movie.

“It has mermaids in it,” she said.

She also likes “The Wizard of Oz” because the lion cries and, like a lot of girls, it’s all about shoes — the ruby red slippers.

“It’s funny when the lion hides and cries and the (kids) will laugh,” she said.

Haylie Panter, 9, likes “Hotel for Dogs.”

“The dogs are precious,” she said.

She said kids should see it to teach them a lesson about dogs. They can tell their parents dogs usually are good dogs and not bad dogs, she said, noting she’s watched it at least three times.

Reid Lunsford, 11, loves superhero movies. In fact, his mom described him as a “superhero fanatic.”

Children such as Reid help fuel the superhero movie market, which included 2012’s top movie, $600 million blockbuster “The Avengers.”
His favorites are “Spider-Man 3” and “Iron Man 3.”

His mother said the best night of his life was going to the midnight showing of “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Asked why superhero films are so good, he said, “Words cannot describe.”

“Pretty much all superhero movies are purely awesome,” he said.

There you have it — straight from the mouth of babes — movies families should check out rather than falling for something ridiculous such as “The Talking Cat.”

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