Monday's Man

  • Art of Performance: Performance and Integrity

    s the regular baseball season comes to a close, a legend in baseball is retiring.

    Forty-year-old Derek Jeter is retiring as the starting shortstop of the New York Yankees. Jeter has been the most consistent performer for the Yankees since 1996. He has anchored five World Series championship teams and has helped the Yankees to be a perennial playoff team.

  • Bob Hack, a survivor helping others fight cancer

    Bob Hack is a cancer survivor whose goal is to help give hope to others walking the same path.

    At 74, Hack is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society and has served as Relay for Life sponsorship chairman for six years.

    His first round of cancer was in 1987 in the form of stomach cancer later diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  • Good deed, maybe, but I was the winner on this trip

    Do you really ever know what your day is going to be like when you wake up?

    I don’t.

    Some mornings I may hear a song on Pandora and it sets the day in the right direction, or maybe someone nearly crashes into me on Dixie Avenue and that turns into the path for the day.

  • Pest control is family business for Shawn Rich

    A foot-tall cockroach statuette stands on Shawn Rich’s desk in his office at E-Town Exterminating, offering business cards to visitors.

    Throughout Rich’s office are many other oversized insects, replicas of real pests that Rich deals with in his line of work.

  • Eye of the storm uncovers heart of a volunteer

    Eight years ago, Hurricane Katrina took many things away from former Louisiana resident Doug Frederick: his home, his security and most of his personal belongings.

    But the devastating storm also gave him something: an appreciation for each day and the motivation to volunteer.

    “You know where you’ve been, so you know you can give back,” Frederick said.

  • Art of Performance: Move on

    Some performances are not about doing a skill at its highest level but rather are focused on personal relationships. When faced with incredible emotional pain, we often do not know how we should respond.

    At the death of a loved one, it is appropriate to be overwhelmed and not be clear how life will move on from this tragedy.

  • Helmwood custodian adds to fabric of the school

    Melvin Montgomery enjoys serving in the school system where he grew up.

    Montgomery, 62, has spent 18 years at Helmwood Heights Elementary School as a school custodian. He calls Helmwood his family.

    “It’s more than a job, (it’s) a calling from God,” Mont­gomery said.

  • Radcliff mountain biker designs path to activity

    Radcliff resident Vince Carman has cleared the path, literally and figuratively, for those who share his enjoyment of mountain biking.

    Carman, 40, designed the mountain bike trails at the annex ofSaunders Springs Nature Preserve in Radcliff. The trails are part of the park expansion which resulted from a lease agreement with Fort Knox.

  • Brian Kerr has a head for business and a heart for the community

    Faith and family are the driving force behind Brian Kerr’s work and community involvement.

  • Inspired by his sister's struggles, Noel Helm clears a path for others

    Early life experience provided Noel Helm with a capacity for empathy, which is a big part of his role as coordinator of disability services at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

    “I was blessed to have a sister with Down Syndrome,” Helm said. “She was my hero and my teacher.”