Monday's Man

  • ‘Papa Wash’ helps others navigate life

    James Washington uses his life experience to help others find their purpose in life.

    Washington was raised on a farm in Georgia and joined the Navy right out of high school. He spent 30 years in the service and retired as a commissioned officer. He came to Elizabethtown when his wife Jennifer, an algebra teacher, became a teacher at Fort Knox High School in 2007.

  • For Bob Brown, death has been a big part of his life

    Since he was 9 years old, Bob Brown knew he wanted to be a funeral director.

    That was when his grandfather died. Brown saw first hand how a funeral home handled arrangements. He told his parents afterward that he wanted to be a funeral director.

  • Learning a new dream: Yates overcomes stroke, grows stronger in faith

    Eric Yates of Eliza­beth­town dreamed of touring with rock and roll bands, but he didn’t expect the way it actually happened.

    He can’t really remember when he learned to play his first musical instrument. He said he was into music before he learned to read or write.

  • With Emmy in hand, Pearson comes home

    When he was a kid, James Pearson rode his bike on the streets of Elizabethtown.

    Now at 46, having moved away, the regional Emmy Award-winner plans to return to Elizabethtown and enjoy his bike riding once again while pursuing work interests.

    “I think sooner or later you come back home,” Pearson said.

  • Mel Miller spends retirement helping others

    Mel Miller, 78, has served the community through St. James Catholic Church through a variety of venues.

    Currently he volunteers with the St. Vincent de Paul Society office in Elizabethtown on Thursdays with his wife Peggy. He serves as the organization’s spiritual adviser and the district secretary.

  • In tune with his work for 45 years

    Mike Vertrees has found the key to happiness — eighty-eight of them.

    In August, Vertrees celebrated 45 years as a piano tuner.

    “I went to college for a year, decided I didn’t like it and became a piano tuner for longer,” Vertrees said.

  • Devoted to helping others, music

    Helping others and music have been common threads throughout Chris Ryan’s life.

    Now living in Elizabethtown, he grew up in Louisville and went into the priesthood after high school, partly because of the influence of a priest in his parish, Father Al Wilson.

  • Bringing a retail touch to ReStore

    When Mike Purchis retired from a 40-year career in retail last year, he intended it to be the end of his working days.

    That didn’t happen.

    “This opportunity came up,” Purchis said.

  • Crossing guard happy to serve

    Wayne Vannoy said the military brought him to Hardin County in 1958. He said he thinks he’s been here long enough that the residents will keep him.

    He served at Fort Knox and married Marry. They’ve been married 54 years and have two daughters and three grandsons.

  • Retired teacher brings past to life

    At any given time, Phillip Williams might be in one of the log cabins on his property in Cecilia.

    He might even be blacksmithing.

    On other occasions, Williams can be found dressed in longhunter garb, sharing tales of his escapades with Daniel Boone.