Monday's Man

  • Heath Seymour: Painting his vision for downtown

    Heath Seymour is no stranger to downtown Elizabethtown.

    During the ’70s and ’80s, his father owned and operated Seymour Shoes, a downtown shop.

    “I kind of grew up running around downtown,” Seymour, 41, said. “That definitely caused an attachment to downtown.”

    These days, Seymour still runs around downtown.

    As the executive director of Elizabethtown-Hardin County Heritage Council, he often visits the downtown shops and keeps tabs on vacant city-owned properties he hopes to help fill in the coming years.

  • Ray is a sure shot

    What started out as a casual hobby for Bryan Ray has evolved to a source of camaraderie, personal challenge and national recognition. The 34-year-old marksman recently was ranked No. 30 in the country for three-gun shooting and is aiming for a national title.

  • For your health: A healthy mouth equals a healthy body

    Many adults care for their teeth using habits that were formed early in childhood. It is important to be sure those habits are good ones. As we age, our teeth and mouths can develop very different needs. Gum disease, dry mouth, oral cancer and tooth decay can become issues with negative effects on our overall health.

    According to the Journal of the American Dental Association “the mouth is a window into the health of the body.” Our mouths also can reveal the first signs of disease within our bodies.

    October is National Dental Hygiene Month.

  • Fun, sportmanship among goals for soccer association president

    Sean Hall's love of soccer dates back to his teen years.

    In 1990, as he graduated with the last class of West Hardin High School, he might have left the sport, after playing three years. But more than two decades later, he's still eyeing goals.

    Hall, 40, has served as president of Elizabethtown Youth Soccer Association since 2009.

    Now both his daughter and son play the sport.

    “Both of them are eat up with soccer,” he said of his children.

  • The Art of Performance: Replacement referees challenged by performance pressure

    The NFL season started with an obvious issue of performance under pressure. The NFL used replacement referees for all preseason games and three regular season games. This performance challenge started as a labor dispute between the NFL and referees usually employed by the league. There was no contract between the two groups and replacement referees were needed.

  • Mick Kennedy, an educator and lover of words

    A stint in the Army and a Robin Williams movie serve as the inspiration for Mick Kennedy’s desire to write poetry and teach at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

    Originally from Clarksville, Ind., Kennedy served in the army from 1986 to 1990. During that time he got his first taste of teaching when instructing new recruits. That also was when he saw a film that made him fall in love the idea of poetry and education, “Dead Poet’s Society.”

  • Monday's Man: One goal, give back

    Chris Bauer recalls his parents teaching him that whatever he does should be done right and he should leave things a little better than when he arrived.

    The Central Hardin High School assistant principal and athletic director takes that philosophy seriously and tries to instill that attitude in his students.

    “I want the spirit of ‘We need to thank and give back to the community that has done so much for us,’” said Bauer, 42.

  • Andre Beaugrand, a life well-lived

    Andre Beaugrand’s life reads like novel.

    At age 90, he looked back on his life and said, “It’s been a good one.”

    “A lot of things happened,” he said. “It’s almost one century.”

    He began his life in France. His mother was a part of a Brie cheese making tradition of more than 360 years.

    At age 19, Beaugrand fought Germans in the French underground during World War II. He and his brother snuck out of the house to join the underground and one of their friends was killed that night.

  • Leon Faulk is the original Gold Vault patriot

    Helping military veterans and their families is a passion for Radcliff resident Leon Faulk.

    “I kind of wear two hats,” Faulk said, explaining he is the president of Vietnam Veterans of America, Gold Vault Patriots Chapter 1051, and commander of the Disabled American Veterans, Radcliff No. 156.

  • One team + one hot weekend = one great memory

    I have three pictures on my desk at work and several more near my constant companion at the office — my computer.

    There are two photos of my wife and me with our soon-to-be 2-year-old granddaughter, Madeline, on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Ala., from a family vacation in June.

    There’s one of our son, Tanner, in his Central Hardin High School baseball uniform and another from when he was in fifth grade and he and a classmate, Lance Baker, had a long snake wrapped around their shoulders.

    They were brave youngsters.