Monday's Man

  • The Art of Performance: Preparations, breathing exercises fight test-taking anxiety

    Virtually everyone has some type of emotional reaction concerning taking tests. Tests are important. They produce a record of knowledge. They provide an entrance to a new program or confirm to the world you have the knowledge to be licensed in your professional field. The higher the stakes of the test, usually the higher the test anxiety.

  • For your health: Put away the phone and get to work safely

    The morning commute. Some days, we might not like where we are going but we do want to get there safely. Today is the start of Drive Safely to Work Week.

    The number one cause for most crashes is being distracted. This can be by taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off the wheel or taking your mind off of what you are doing.

  • Pastor’s stop on the way south spans 45 years

    The Rev. B.T. Bishop made a stop in Elizabethtown on his way from Louisville to Birmingham, Ala.

    That was 45 years ago.

    “I wasn’t planning on staying,” Bishop said.

    He had his own plans, but his calling to dedicate himself to serving the Elizabethtown community was stronger. And over the years, he witnessed that community and its opportunities grow.

  • This Digital Life: Google Docs improves file access

    By Forrest Berkshire

    Technology tends to make our lives easier.

    But at times, it can just make it complicated.

    I write for a living. This doesn’t sound too complicated, but I tend to write when I’m feeling inspired. Unfortunately, I’m not always in front of the same computer when I find my muse.

  • Ray Allan Mackey: A farmer for life

    Getting to know Ray Allan Mackey:

    Travel: When he’s not farming he loves to travel. He doesn’t get to travel as much as he’d like because farming is an around the clock, around the calendar occupation. His family favorite spot is the Smokey Mountain National Park because of location and ease of getting there. A few years ago, we went out west on a bus trip and spent one day in Yellowstone Park, which he said might be one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

  • Motorcycles are Don Green's passion and profession

    Almost 22 years of serving in the military and a lifetime of riding motorcycles have provided Don Green a lot of joy.

    About two years ago, Green retired from the military. A short stint as a contractor made him realize he needed to pursue his true passion, the one that really gets his motor running.

    “I actually took a pay cut to do this,” Green said of his role as a Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider coach.

    His happiness is worth it, he said.

  • From the Cheap Seats: Fantasy sports leagues are an obsession

    It’s Monday, Sept. 19, and for those of us who consider ourselves fantasy sports freaks, this is a big day.

    It’s the day after a full slate of NFL games — the second Monday of the fantasy football season.

    So if it is, say, 10 a.m. and you’re reading this, we sports fantasy nut jobs spent about 18 of the last 24 hours in high anxiety mode.