Wayne Seng’s Eliza­bethtown home might be a smaller version of Santa’s workshop. He and his wife, Angela, have a ministry to give toys to children around the world.

Seng, 52, is vice president of Seng Inc., a nonprofit he and his wife, who is president, started four years ago.

It includes Dolls on Mission, Cars with a Cause, Angela Seng Music and their Samar­itan’s Purse Shoe Box ministry. His day job has been working at Akebono for 21 years.

The Dolls on Mission ministry began when the couple started refurbishing Barbie dolls. Since Sa­mar­itan’s Purse doesn’t accept used items, they began their own ministry. The dolls go to missionaries so they can give them to children in the mission field.

“I do it for the Lord,” Seng said.

He’s heard from missionaries that it’s not just about giving out toys. When parents know someone has something for their children, then they’ll listen more closely, he said.

“It’s all about reaching the children that are lost out there,” he said.

After two years, missionaries asked if the couple had something they could give boys. That’s when the Cars with a Cause ministry began. Seng finds Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars on sale and buys hundreds of them to give to missionaries.

There’s a shed in their backyard full of cars and dolls to give away, he said.

“We’ve got a shed full, with probably a thousand Barbie dolls and four or five hundred cars,” Seng said.

They do not charge for the toys but do require the mission teams to give them photos so they can show donors where the toys are going.

He needs more missionaries, churches and mission teams to take the toys off his hands to give to children.

Seng also does woodworking. He found car, truck and tractor patterns to make toys. He’s sent some with missionaries, but when he found out people would buy them, he now sells them to raise money for their other ministries. His woodwork often is for sale at the Munfordville Welcome Center

“Everyone has a talent, a skill or a gift, no matter if your IQ, culture you come from, society or your age,” Seng said.

He once knew a woman in her 90s, Becky Rowlett, who made jewelry boxes out of greeting cards. She taught him how to make them and, to honor her memory, he calls them Becky’s Boxes. After he makes the boxes, he puts a toy ring inside and puts them in the shoeboxes they pack.

Angela also is a part of a singing ministry and she sings in Branson, Mis­souri, and churches.

“He’s a lot of support for me,” she said. “If he’s not working, he’s always there and a constant support and I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

She called it a blessing to share the ministries together.

“We know that even though we can’t have children of our own, we are making a difference in the life of a child,” she said.

Their toys have made it to six continents and in the last two years since he’s started collecting cars, they have been sent to Haiti, the Philip­pines, Honduras, Mexico and Kosovo.

Even though his toys have traveled the globe, the farthest Seng has been on a mission trip is eastern Kentucky.

“We had no idea of the need of children and adults around the world nor do we think of the eternal,” he said. “A small toy or a doll can make the different in the life of a child.”

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