Presta receives Lisa Hays Charness Memorial Scholarship

Clagett Photography The 2019 Lisa Hays Charness Scholarship presented by CKCF Board Chair Jeff Richardson to Alexandra Hope Presta.

Alexandra Presta re­ceived the Lisa Hays Char­ness Memorial Scho­­larship from Cen­tral Ken­tucky Commu­nity Foundation.

Presta is a 2019 graduate of Elizabethtown High School and plans to attend Asbury University. She is the daughter of Paul and Melanie Presta.

The Lisa Hays Char­­ness Memorial Scho­lar­ship was established in 2015 by Lisa’s mother, Lenelle Hays, in recogni­tion of the 1980 Elizabethtown High School graduate after she lost her three-year battle with cancer in 2014. The award is a $2,000 scholarship to a graduating senior from Elizabethtown High School.

“Through the generosity of our donors, students across our region can con­tinue their education,” said Davette B. Swiney, president and CEO of CKCF. “Our scholarship program, Scholarship Central, is a great way to empower local students and show them the impact of philanthropy. It’s an honor to connect people to the causes they care about while helping people pursue their educational goals.”

The Lisa Hays Char­ness Memorial Scho­larship is one of 113 scholarships being awarded by CKCF this year through Scho­larship Central. The scholarships total nearly $286,000 and were awarded to 94 students from 13 high schools and two colleges in the region.

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