• Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown members attend planning meeting

    Fourth District Vice-Governor Pam Harville, recently held a meeting of chairpersons from other Woman’s clubs in the fourth district. The purpose of the meeting and luncheon was for planning a high school age student arts and crafts contest for March 1, 2014. The Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown will be hosting the event at First Christian Church in Elizabethtown.

  • Helping Hand of Hope receives donation

    Jeff Blair of Wilson Muir Bank presents a donation to Carolyn Culver of Helping Hand of Hope to fund the Hope for Christmas Program. The program will help approximately 1,500 Hardin County children have a merry Christmas. Sign-ups continue through Nov. 27 and to help with the program contact Stephen Kent at Helping Hand of Hope at 270-769-3092 or Carolyn Culver, 270-351-4673.

  • Youth Theatre enhances Greenspace walk
  • Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown members attend Farm City Day


    Members of the Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown were in attendance on Nov. 5 for Farm City Day, sponsored by Hardin County Chamber of Commerce at the American Legion Club in Elizabethtown. Each year the Distinguished Service Award for Farm-City Relations is given during the event and the 2013 winner was Martha Thomas.

    During the 1998 Farm City Day, Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown member Jean Davis, won the award.

  • Youth Theatre thankful for community support

    During this season of Thanksgiving, the Youth Theatre of Hardin County would like to thank the Hardin County community for the continued support we receive. Our 42-year history of being the oldest Kentucky Youth Theatre program, has only been possible with the encouragement and support that we receive from our many patrons.

  • Howevalley News

    Howevalley News

    By Andrea Sherrard Gilpin


    KENTUCKYWEATHER.Let it snow! Well, not much happening there but we did get a little on Nov. 12. They are predicting more on Dec. 6. Brrrr, but it really has gotten colder but it’s suppose to warm up again.

    I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. We should all count our blessings every day. God has blessed me and Cory with a healthy, beautiful daughter. She has brought so much joy to our lives.

  • South Hardin News

    South Hardin News
    Daphne Turpin

    Snow! It wasn’t much, but it snowed!I am hoping this was the first of many snowfalls we have this season.

    BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go to my dad Freddie Jones, Wynna Branstetter, Cathy Wardrip, James Wolfe, Mason Gardner, Michael Brawner, Westen Jeffries, Cassidy Wardrip, Ray Brown, Troy Johnson, Hannah Devore, Wally Reid, Mark Martin, Mike Cardin, Larry Akers, John Keesee, Lorann Howell, Paula Bell, Jay Carlburg, Devin Johnston, Robert Raiser, John Hay, Violet McMurtry and Talan Wright.

  • Rineyville News

    Rineyville News

    Gail Pike


    BIRTHDAYS.This week’s birthdays includes Ann Taylor, Kayleigh Chapman, Nan Filburn, Ben Taylor, Nicol Taylor, Hudson Jones, Debbie Thompson, Roy Meals, Wayne Vertrees Jr., Donna Carter, Pam Peak, Sara Goldhardt, Karen Bennett, Alma Mahanna, Wayne Vertrees Sr., Lisa VanderMolen, Linda Thurman, Amanda Jenkins, Brandon Haraway and Jewell Carter.

    BELATED BIRTHDAY. Happy belated birthday to Morgan Crabtree who celebrated his birthday Nov. 9.

  • White Mills News

    White Mills News
    Terri Spencer

    My nephew, Brody, is turning 4 this week. Remember when you looked forward to your birthday instead of dreading it? Kids get so excited and count down months ahead until that magic day arrives. Adults will say they are a certain age right up until the day it changes! Kids will say they are 12 ½ or 6 ¾ or they will be 9 in 2 months. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to those days?

  • Cecilia News

    The Cecilia News
    Irene Dodson
    Nov. 17, 2013

    HEARTLAND FILLIES. On Oct. 11, the Heartland Fillies  were invited to sing for one of the biggest fund raising events in Hardin County, the Burger King Breast Cancer Awareness Tractor Pull. Not only did the Fillies provide the opening music, but they also sang the Star Spangled Banner just prior to the first tractor . It was a privilege and a joy for this group to participate in such a worthy cause.