A new entertainment option has hit the target in Elizabethtown.

Axe Play allows patrons to throw axes at targets in what manager Lenny Martin described as an “up and coming sport.”

During a session, players throw axes at a target trying to get the it to stick.

“It’s more about the thrill and danger,” Martin said.

A coach in each lane tells players teaches the proper technique to throw the axe.

Martin said once the group gets warmed up there are games such as playing 21 or king of the lane.

“Once you start sticking it, it’s really fun and almost addictive,” he said.

People often are apprehensive when they come in but he said all of a sudden he’ll hear them “whooping and hollering” while having fun.

There are a few safety rules. Only ages 14 and older can participate. You must wear closed-toe shoes and have to lay the axe on the table to transfer it instead of directly handing it to someone. Also, don’t touch the blade, Martin said.

Jacob Wagner visited Axe Play over the weekend and said it was a “great time”

“The venue is really nice,” he said. “There is lots of room in there for large parties.”

He noticed eight stalls for throwing axes.

“Each of the stalls is named after a popular road in Hardin County,” he said.

Wagner felt the employ­ees and coaches were pro­fessional and made sure everyone was safe while having fun.

“At any one time you can have like 10 or more one and ¼ pound axes flying around,” he said.

Wagner said this type of entertainment adds a lot to Elizabethtown.

“First it’s an indoor type of entertainment, so you don’t have to plan on weather if you want to play or not,” he said.

He also said it’s one of a kind.

“You see these type of entertainment venues pop­ping up in Louisville or Bran­den­burg, but this one is the first I know of in the Hardin County area,” he said, adding being right off Interstate 65 is another bonus.

“Also the place is part bar,” he said. “I think their motto is ‘Throw Axes, Drink Beer’. So you are kinda getting two places in one there.”

But it’s also a fun outing with families who have older teens.

Julie Cammack said she took her teens to play for a family fun night.

“We had an instructor, Josh who instructed and cheered us on the whole time,” she said. “This unique sport is great for team outings and a fun night out with the teens in the family.”

She said it will become a frequent night out for her family.

Axe Play opened June 17 and Martin said most of his customers so far have come from teams staying in nearby hotels who are visiting the sports park for tournaments.

He said it’s a good thing to do on a first date because the couple won’t just be sitting in a restaurant trying to make small talk. Throwing axes gets you up and active and provides something to talk about.

Martin also said it’s a fun group outing.

“It gets you to being interactive with your group,” he said. “It’s really a blast once you get going.”

Axe play is $20 an hour per person and you can have 4-12 people per lane.

It is closed Mondays for league play.

Axe Play is at 2004 North Mulberry Street in Elizabethtown.

For more information, go to www.axeplayetown.com or call 270-600-7007.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

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