• Bad writing leads to a poor comedy

    A movie filled with big-name stars should automatically be good, right? Not necessarily.

    Case in point, “Mortdecai.”

    The film stars Hollywood heavyweights Johnny Depp (“Into the Woods”) and Gwyneth Paltrow (“Iron Man 3”) but the movie falls flat.

  • Our house is a home which means watch where you step

    I can describe my home in two words: lived in.

    My husband and I have four children and prefer to spend time laughing rather than worrying about prints on the front door. Because of that, I need visitors to understand.

  • Shooter Jennings to play the State Theater

    Shooter Jennings will bring part of country music history with him for a performance at the Historic State Theater.

    Jennings will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 31 with Waymore’s Outlaws, his father, Waylon’s, band.

  • Morrison Art Gallery hosts Paducah school exhibition

    The Morrison Art Gallery at Elizabethtown Community and Tech-nical College is hosting a Paducah School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition.

    Located in the James S. Owen Building, Room 102, the Morrison Art Gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admission is free. The exhibit runs through Feb. 5.

  • Bradley Cooper gives the performance of his life in 'American Sniper'

    The crowd sat in silence at the end of the film and exited quietly in reverence of what they just saw.

    This is the description of what many theatergoers are experiencing when they see “American Sniper.”

    Packed theaters are breaking box office records for a drama and the film has earned six Academy Award nominations.

  • Annoying now, auto-play could revise our lives

    In the past couple of months, I’ve become increasingly annoyed at an online trend.

    It’s not a major issue, but like a mosquito buzzing around your ear, it has become a nuisance. It’s the fact that when I go to some websites or click on a link to retrieve information, video somewhere on the page starts to play automatically.

  • Theater group seeks revival of Horse Cave Theatre

    In 2012, Horse Cave Thea­tre — by then known as Kentucky Repertory Theatre — closed.

    Now a group is working toward a revival of the playhouse under its original name and are asking for help to open the curtains once again.

    “It can be brought back,” said Ken Hailey, artistic director of Kentucky Stage(s).

  • 'Selma' marches history into theaters

    In the civil rights movement, one name stands out: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    “Selma” illustrates one particular moment when the nation’s eyes were fixed on a town in Alabama during that choatic period of American history.

    The story behind the march from Selma to Montgomery and its place in history is well documented in the film.

  • It's 2015, where are the hover boards?

    In 1989, a couple of time travelers named Doc Brown and Marty McFly got everyone excited about the future, specifically the year 2015.

    Sadly, many of the items “Back to the Future Part II” promised would be part of our future have yet to happen. No. 1 on the list is the infamous hover board.

  • Jill McIntyre teaches art in and out of the classroom

    The love of art and teaching have taken Jill McIntyre’s artistic endeavors in a new direction.

    She’s always loved art, but had no formal training. Nine years ago, she became the art teacher at Lincoln Trail Elementary School and began researching all types of art to improve her craft and to teach it to the children.