• Friendship is best gift for surprise party

    So I lied quite a bit last week.

    Yeah, I’ll admit it. Lies were flying out of my mouth in random chunks like bits of hot dog during a competitive eating contest.

    But the lies were those of the little white variety.

    And really, it was for a good reason. Really.

  • Campfire optional: Elizabethtown couple carries on storytelling tradition

    Elizabethtown might be a ways off from the dusty trails of cattle drives, but that doesn’t stop Mike and Maggie Beville from metaphorically saddling up and carrying on a tradition of storytelling through cowboy poetry.

  • Hooked on a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' feeling

    When “Guardians of the Galaxy” hits theaters Friday, the Marvel Universe will be expanded with a new type of adventure. Creating a story around a band of little-known comic book characters was a risk for Marvel.

    This risk pays off.

    The movie grabs you from the opening sequence and doesn’t let go until the final credits.

  • Pets can make your life sweeter

    Life with dogs is interesting. Dogs are goofy, sweet and a joy. They also are messy, mischievous and sometimes gross.

    But all that comes together to create a very cool life.

    My dogs, Baloo the Labrador, aka Boo, and Duke the Corgi, aka Doodle Bug, make my life richer.

  • Look, up in the SkyStorm

    Comic books come in many shapes, sizes and formats. SkyStorm Studio is the comic book headquarters for Elizabethtown publisher Bill Nichols and co-publisher Robert W. Hickey.

    The studio has titles such as the “SkyStorm Saga,” “Blood and Roses,” Nichol’s “Sparta Bay” imprint, Hickey’s “Clay’s Way” and others.

  • "Planes: Fire and Rescue" is the same old song and dance

    “Planes: Fire & Rescue”
    Rated PG for action and some peril.
    Release date: July 18
    Runtime: 83 minutes
    Rating: Nothing new

    It’s only been a year since the first “Planes” movie was in theaters and it wasn’t exactly a hit. It is surprising to find a sequel on screen so soon.

  • Looking for local venues: Lethean takes metal sound on road, but loves to play near home

    Taking its name from a mythological river that caused forgetfulness, Lethean is an Elizabethtown band consisting of members who do not want to forget where they come from.

    Comprised of Dale Don­aldson, Erik Marchand, Derek Ray and Michael Lyons, members of the metal band work third-shift jobs and feel their lives help give them perspective their fans appreciate.

  • Andy Serkis proves he's the best in 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

    The emotion, depth and believability of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” hinges on the performance of Andy Serkis and he pulls it off.

    But you’ll not see Serkis on screen, at least not his physical appearance.

  • Local magician makes illusion his life's work

    A good magician never shares his secrets, but a great one uses them for a good cause.

    Despite performing in lucrative places such as Las Vegas, local magician Joseph “Dinky” Gowen stays close to home by performing his magic at fundraisers for places such as the Hardin County Animal Shelter, local schools and civic club.

    Gowen has performed magic since age 6. His love for magic began when his mother, a regular attendee of his earliest shows, bought him a magic kit. He said it has been a pivotal part of his life ever since.

  • Shakespeare role in nation's capital latest for Central Hardin grad

    It wasn’t until well after he began college that Central Hardin High School graduate John Keabler began to think he might be able to have a career in acting.

    Now with TV, movie and stage roles among his credits, Keabler is plying his craft as part of Shakespeare Theatre Company in the nation’s capital in two Shakespeare productions, “Henry IV, Part 1” and “Henry IV, Part 2.” The plays run until June 8 at Sidney Harman Hall in Washington, D.C.

    Keabler shares the stage with veteran actor Stacy Keach, who portrays Falstaff.