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  • Exit here for hip-hop


    Hardin County continues to grow in the hip-hop genre, and a new up-and-coming group is Exit 94.
    The band took its name from the exit off of Interstate 65 for Elizabethtown.
    Josh Babb, Shean Barker and Kelly Robertson, a.k.a. Josh B, Mr. Baker and Kellz, formed the group because they all shared the same passion and love for music.

  • End-of-the-month recipe requests


    It is the end of the month and time for me to share recipes that I have found and tried, recipes that others have shared with me and recipes that you have asked me to find.

  • Don't let this one sting you

    “The Green Hornet”
    Rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content
    Runtime: 119 minutes
    Release date: Jan. 14
    Rating: two out of five take slates


    What do you get when Seth Rogen stars, directs and writes a movie? You get a mediocre action flick with a lot of useless dialogue.

  • Valley Creek Church goes viral



  • Eating healthy in the new year


    Another of my resolutions for 2011 was to give you healthier recipes no matter what your weight. You may want to lose or gain weight. Refer to last week’s column, if you want to lose weight. Today I am going to concentrate on recipes to help you eat healthier. There are a few steps to help you get started before giving you any recipes.

  • If life was a TV sitcom


    What would life be like if it was like a TV sitcom?

    More than likely it would be more exasperating and annoying than it would be funny.

    Not that I think about this very often, but sometimes when I watch a TV show I begin thinking about how ridiculous the plot and characters are.

    Sure, it’s supposed to be funny, and the idea is to laugh at such an absurd situation. But sometimes I can’t help but shake my head and give thanks very few of those in my life are like characters in a TV sitcom.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe Cowboy Stew


    I have another super (and super easy) recipe from Jerianne Strange to share with you today - Cowboy Stew! Yee-ha!!

  • "Country Strong" is not strong enough

    “Country Strong”
    Rated PG-13 for thematic elements involving alcohol abuse and some sexual content
    Release date: Jan. 7
    Runtime: 112 minutes
    Rating; two and a half out of five take slates

    By Becca Owsley

    “Country Strong” is one sad and lonesome country song.

    The story centers around two characters, Kelly Canter and Beau Hutton.

  • Moore, Moore, Moore: Musician to release third album


    Set to be released Tuesday, “In the Cool of the Day” marks the third album from singer, songwriter and former Elizabethtown resident Daniel Martin Moore.

    In 2008, Moore released his debut album “Stray Age.” His follow-up album, “Dear Companion,” was released in 2010 and included fellow musician and songwriter Ben Sollee and was produced by Jim James from the bands My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk.