• Local artist featured in Frankfort exhibit

    Theresa Shelton, an artist from Vine Grove, was selected as an exhibitor in the first Art in the Gardens at Liberty Hall fine arts fair Labor Day weekend in downtown Frankfort.

    Shelton specializes in tranquil scenes from the Midwest and still life paintings from the garden.

    Art has been a part of her life since youth, and she was able to become a full-time artist last year.

  • John Hardin singer/songwriter finds home, success in spotlight

    Starting only earlier this year to perform music gigs, high school student Josh Proctor has already managed to catch the attention of those in the entertainment business.

    Proctor, a senior at John Hardin High School, this year received three nominations from the Tennessee Country and Gospel Music Association. He is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

    “It was mind-blowing,” Proctor, of Elizabethtown, said of finding out about his nominations.

  • No rush for 'Premium Rush'

    From the previews that ran before “Premium Rush,” it’s clear that it’s the time of year when big names show up in not so big movies. Yep, it’s fall movie season.

    “Premium Rush” starts strong with music by The Who, and then kind of coasts downhill through the rest of the film.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“The Dark Knight”) is known for finding smaller, quirky films to fit in between his larger film roles. This particular film would better fit as a pilot for a television drama.

  • Think like a child, make more friends

    Women make friends at three times in their lives — when they go to school, when they go to work and when they have children — I once read. Now that I’ve been through all that, it seems about right.

    Coincidentally, this month marked the 24th anniversary of the day I made my best and oldest friend. It was the first day of fifth grade at Beechgrove Elementary School in Kenton County and the seat beside Amy Richerson was empty. That little twist of fate set a long path for 10-year-old me.

  • Third book from Cecilia author spotlights Munfordville native

    Union general and Munfordville native Thomas J. Wood is the subject of the third book published by Hardin County author Dan Lee.

    “Thomas J. Wood: A Biography of the Union General in the Civil War” recounts the life of the Kentuckian who was a boyhood friend of Confederate general Simon Bolivar Buckner and later served in the Mexican War on the staff of Gen. Zachary Taylor.

    During the Civil War, Wood commanded a division in the Union Army of the Cumberland.

  • Local favorites, Nashville talent featured at Heartland Festival in the Park

    While Heartland Festival in the Park activities include a parade, fun and festive food, Freeman Lake Park also will be filled with music from local artists and Nashville performers.

  • 'The Expendables 2': Old-school action by old-school action stars

    Things blow up, bad guys are taken down and cheesy lines are delivered over gunfire.

    That’s the plot of “The Expendables 2” in a nutshell, but what a jampacked shell it is.

    This film is very violent but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s probably the same amount of gunplay and fighting as in any of the stars’ pervious films, just with more blood splatter.

  • Joining the city for small and big screen exposure ... sort of

    Last week the SyFy channel aired an episode of “Haunted Collector,” which included a segment on the Hardin County History Museum.

    I actually was interviewed for that segment. Although my footage didn’t make the final cut, the real star of the show was Elizabethtown.

    In fact, this town has had its share of the spotlight lately.

    Just last night, Morrison Lodge, the Masonic lodge in Elizabethtown, was included on “Haunted Collector.”

    Yep. “Haunted Collector” again.

  • United Way looks for local talent

    United Way of Central Kentucky is looking for Hardin County talent.

  • Confidence, teamwork part of MCT's 'Red Riding Hood'

    Not everything is as it seems, especially when Missoula Children’s Theatre puts its trademark twist on a classic fairy tale.

    After a week of rehearsals about 50 area students will perform “Red Riding Hood” today and Saturday. MCT, a nonprofit organization, wraps up its summer tour at Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center at John Hardin High School.

    In MCT’s version of the fairy tale, Big Bad Wolf still is portrayed as a “rogue forest creature,” Chelsea Swearingen, MCT tour actor and director, said.