• Dash of Class: Judy Bishop — One of Hardin County's Finest Cooks

    It is an honor and privilege to feature today’s “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks” as she and I have known each other since high school. Even though we went to different high schools, I knew of her through her wonderful mother, who was a teaching colleague of mine. Today’s honoree is Judy Bishop of Vine Grove and her mother was the late Reva Kerfoot, a home economics teacher at North Hardin High School for many, many years. Judy says her mother was the finest cook she ever met and is still her inspiration.

  • Rescue a dog and watch them crawl right into your heart



    I am by no means an animal activist. I enjoy eating a big old chunk of cow in burger or steak form. I set out traps for mice for their destruction, not the catch and release method.

    I try to teach my dogs they are not humans and I am in charge, a lesson they have yet to learn.

  • Festive foods for the Fourth of July

    The Beef Checkoff/Kentucky Beef Council

    Everyone looks forward to fun, fireworks and great summer food on the Fourth of July. Paired with the fresh summer harvest, such as corn, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables, beef is a great way to mark this historic American holiday.

    We celebrate our independence by proudly displaying red, white and blue. And these patriotic dishes let our meals join in on the colorful fun.

  • Lights, camera and the red, white and blue



    It’s the time of year when flags fly high and patriotism is on display, even in the entertainment industry.

    For years films, music, theater and television have produced images of patriotism that last in our memories and songs that bring people to tears in pride of their country.

  • Mary Alice's Favorites


    As I mentioned last week, I’m veering in another direction with this column. Instead of readers submitting recipes for me to make, I’m going to share my all-time favorite recipes with you. The main reason for the change is that when I was younger, I loved trying out new recipes. Now, I like making things I’ve always made and loved, but don’t much like spending the time trying out new things. It’s an age thing.

  • As it should be


    I don’t consider myself someone who takes things for granted.

    But sometimes some things settle into a natural sense of existence that can be overlooked.

    I’ve recently discovered a couple of examples of this.

    The first example has to do with my dog, Tybalt.

    After his accident a few months ago, during which he lost one of his back legs, I kept close notice of his behavior. A there was a big change, as I noted in previous columns.

  • Dash of Class: Showcase your culinary talents at the county fair

    Mark your calendars. Make a date. Write yourself a reminder. There is a “greatest show on the Earth” coming, well, uh, coming to Hardin County the second week of July. You got it; it is the Hardin County Fair.

    There are so many wonderful exhibits and activities at the fair including a horse show and those wonderful rides and food known only to a county fair.

  • Elizabethtown musician nurtures folk, rock influences



    A comment attributed to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi inspired the name used by an Elizabethtown musician.

  • Elizabethtown artistans earn distinction from national judges



    Three Elizabethtown artisans have been recognized in this year’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts for their work, which is showcased in the magazine Early American Life.

    Christa Smith and Pat and Rudy McKinney are considered masters of their respective fields by a judge’s panel convened by the magazine.

  • Fun but lacks the original's charm

    “Cars 2”
    Rated G for general audiences
    Runtime: 113 minutes
    Release date: June 24
    Rating: three out of five take slates



    Five years ago the world was introduced to Lightening McQueen and Mater in “Cars.” Since then their friendship has grown and now they are on a new adventure in “Cars 2.”