• Everything 4 Kids holds book signing in Radcliff

    Author Lena Goldman will sign copies of her book “Walking through the Maze; A Children’s Guide for Loss and Grief” Saturday at Everything 4 Kids in Radcliff.

    Goldman, a Corydon, Ind., resident came up with the idea for the book when she was counseling two children whose father had committed suicide. After searching for books on grief for children she found few because most were for adults. She wanted to write a book for children to help them explore their own grief process.

  • Glen Rice and friends are back at the PAC

    Glen Rice and his friends will be back at 7 p.m. Friday at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center at John Hardin High School for their final concert of the year.

    This is the sixth season for the Glen Rice Family and Friends concert series.

    Rice will perform with his family and many old and new friends for a tribute to the Statler Brothers, Alabama, the Oak Ridge Boys and the Gatlin Brothers.

  • Zombies everywhere

    I’m not sure at what point in our nation’s history zombies became cool. They’ve appeared in B horror films for years.

    Maybe we can blame Michael Jackson for it. Jackson and his zombie friends danced their way to music history in “Thriller.”

    It’s more likely the fault of popular films today with zombie themes or television shows such as “The Walking Dead.”

  • DiCaprio shines but 'J. Edgar' fades

    Audience reactions to a Tuesday night screening of “J. Edgar” starring Leonardo DiCaprio (“Inception”) were mixed. While most agreed the film was well made, they also thought some of the interviews they had seen about the movie were deceptive.

    That morning DiCaprio appeared on “Good Morning America” and implied that although rumors about Hoover’s private life would be explored, the portrayal in the film would be open enough to let the audience reach its own conclusions about those rumors.

  • Vine Grove author holds booksigning

    Vine Grove author Kat Jordan will hold a booksigning near the downtown Elizabethtown eatery that is the setting of her first novel “Let’s Do Lunch.”

    “Let’s Do Lunch,” which is available as an ebook or paperback at www.createspace.com and as an ebook at www.amazon.com, is set in a diner modeled after Old Vault Deli.

    Jordan will be at Moonlight Serenity Body Products at 114 W. Dixie Ave, Suite B, 5-8 p.m. Saturday.

  • Heartland Dulcimer Club hosts Traditional Music Festival

    The Heartland Dulcimer Club presents its 17th Traditional Music Festival Friday night and again today at the Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown.

    Each year the event draws 100 to 150 music enthusiast to learn new skills, improve techniques and listen to accomplished artists in their craft.

  • PAC holds auditions to populate 'Our Town'

    Actors and actresses are being sought to populate “Our Town” as the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center hosts auditions for the pro-am production Friday.

    Written by Thornton Wilder, “Our Town” offers a glimpse into some of the lives of residents of a small New Hampshire town.

    Auditions are 5 to 9 p.m. at the PAC at John Hardin High School. Those auditioning will read from the script, and materials are available in advance at the PAC office.

    All 15 roles, children and adults, are available.

  • Holiday movie preview

    The holiday movie season kicks off in November and I might as well start with a film many people are looking forward to that might be the one that does not live up to the hype, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

    The fourth installment of the best selling book series begins with the marriage of Edward and Bella. I’m not sure there’s enough to the story to make two parts but Summit Entertainment is going to try to get their money’s worth out of this franchise.

  • Living in a banana peel puppet world

    A few weeks ago I saw a commercial I had seen several times but never really thought about.

    What it came down to was this: cannibalistic cereal.


    No, really. One piece of cereal eating another piece of cereal.

    It’s not like I’m shocked or freaked out or anything. (If it happened in real life — pardon the unintentional but appropriate joke — that would be different.) I just never really paid that much attention to the commercial until it struck me that it was just a bit odd.

  • Book signing in Radcliff

    Bookends & More, 809 N. Wilson Road in Radcliff, will host a book signing from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday. Authors the Rev. Gary Hamer and Michael Heitkemper will be there to sign their latest books.

    Hamer is a resident of Greensburg, Ind., and author of “The Thundering Whisper,” a book about prayer.

    Heitkemper also is from Indiana and author of a mystery novel titled “Becoming Mortal gods,” set in the World War II era.