• Where they're playing

    Concert may include admission even if not listed.

    Nov. 12
    SIDEWAYZ will perform at 3-Putt Willie’s, 850 Pine Valley Drive, Elizabethtown, 8 p.m. (502) 510-7433.
    SALSA RHYTHMS will perform at Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant, 1921 Bishop Lane, Louisville, at 10:30 p.m.; $5 cover; (502) 456-5737.
    MAMAKITTY SOUTHWOOD will perform at Gondolier Italian Restaurant, 2414 Ring Rd # 100, Elizabethtown, 8 p.m. (270) 982-3060.

  • Prepare for 'Highest Praise'

    The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company from Dayton, Ohio, will perform “Highest Praise,” a dance celebration of church, community, family and faith at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center, 384 W. A. Jenkins Road.
    The company is rooted in the African American experience and has a mission to deliver high quality contemporary dance to the broadest possible audience. The group tours internationally and offers educational programs to promote the world of dance.

  • Adventure tourism opportunities in Kentucky

    The News-Enterprise

    Adventure tourism is alive and well during the fall and winter months in Kentucky. There are plenty of outdoor opportunities ranging from hunting and fishing to hikes, wildlife viewing and canoeing and kayaking.
    “It’s great to get outside during the cooler temperatures during this time of year in Kentucky,” said First Lady Jane Beshear. “There’s plenty of nature to see and experience throughout our state and being outside is a good way to get healthy and stay fit.”

  • The healing power of music
  • Did you order a Code Red?

    Code Red is a hip hop/reggae group earning a lot of attention in Louisville and around the country, and a couple of the group’s members have roots at Fort Knox.

  • Charlie Nunn's Frosty Pumpkin Pie

    Charlie Nunn of Hodgenville always has such interesting recipes. I would have thought I would have tasted every variation of pumpkin pie that there could possibly be, but Charlie’s recipe for Frosty Pumpkin Pie is new to me.

  • A Dash of Class: Make healthier choices this holiday season

    Well, they’re here.
    November and December, despite the wonderful family times associated with those two months, also are a time when a lot of Americans put on an average of 15 pounds.
    With obesity being one of America’s top health concerns, it is time to stop putting on that weight, only to find yourself making New Year’s resolutions in January.
    How can we keep from it?
    It can be done, but it takes will power — something I run short of sometimes, especially where desserts are concerned.

  • Hardin County Playhouse wins big


    The Hardin County Playhouse took home five out of six awards at the Kentucky Theater Association competition last weekend in Danville.

    The Kentucky State Theater Festival invites all community theater from around the state to participate.

  • Ra, ra, ooh ra ra, Gaga gag me


    Can anyone tell me what in the world has happened to the musical taste of the young today?
    Why do people today like musicians with poor lyrical standards who cover up their lack of talent by over-the-top stunts and crazy performances? Yes, I am referring to the bad romance herself, Lady Gaga.
    And please, Usher, do you really have a song called “OMG?” What has happened? And a bigger question is why have the youth of today and, even worse, the music industry bought into it.

  • This one might leave you blue



    Unfortunately, “Megamind” can be chalked up to the waste of time category.

    All the blue villain’s dastardly plans couldn’t save this film.

    In fact, of the three kids in the theater when I saw it, none seemed impressed.