• My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Family favorites from Sheryl Warren


    Sheryl Warren and her family live on a farm in Hart County. Sheryl is a stay-at-home mom with eight children, and she loves to cook and bake — a good thing with a family of that size.

    Sheryl says these recipes for Meatball Soup and Popovers are favorites of her family, and she usually serves them together.

    These are really good recipes, and they’re simple. I don’t think I had ever made popovers before, but these are great.

  • A year has past: What was done

    It never fails. The end of the year always makes me want to look back at the past 12 months and evaluate things, ala a John Lennon/Yoko Ono song. (You know: “So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun.”)

    It’s rarely the eye-opening occasion it maybe should be.

    I didn’t rescue children from a burning building. I didn’t discover a cure for cancer. I didn’t end world hunger.

    (“And what have you done?”)

  • A Dash of Class: A healthy new year to you

    At the end of a year and the beginning of a new year, many people make resolutions.

    Many people resolve to lose weight, but I wonder if you have a list for 2011. Does being a healthier or better cook, or trying more recipes sound familiar?

    As for me, I too want to lose weight, be a healthier cook and try new recipes. Maybe we can do those together.

    I resolve to:

  • O'Kingdom for a drummer


    In a relatively short time, local metalcore band O’Kingdom has found an audience, reaching more than 1,000 plays of its video, “The Appointed Boundaries,” on YouTube within five days of its release.

    The video, which was posted Sept. 4, now claims more than 15,000 plays.

    What the band really needs now is a drummer.

    “Drummers are hard to find around here,” Elizabethtown guitarist Brian Judd said.

  • ECTC's Morrison Gallery: A place of art and experience


    The Morrison Gallery on the campus of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College has been a place of fine art and classical entertainment for at least 25 years.

    Noteworthy exhibits of late range from paintings and sculptures that explore the relationship between positive and negative space to three-dimensional chair forms in various stages of destruction by Japanese Beetles.

  • Pulse movie review: It's got grit


    Joel and Ethan Coen had a difficult task in winning audiences over when they remade a film that starred one of the most beloved actors in American cinema, John Wayne.

    Both versions of “True Grit” are taken from the novel written by Charles Portis, but any fan of the Western film genre will make a comparison to the 1969 film, which won Wayne his first and only Best Actor Oscar.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Rita Carraway's 2x4 Soup

    The women’s group of my church, Radcliff Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), holds its annual church bazaar on the first Saturday in November. Usually, a couple of us will bring something for those of us who are working to eat for lunch. This year it was Rita Carraway of Vine Grove who remembered that we would be getting hungry and she brought a soup that has become my favorite.

  • Where They're Playing

    Concert may include admission cost even if not listed.

    April 15
    BRIAN YOUNG @Bardstown Opry, 426 Sutherland Road, Bardstown. POC: (859) 336-9839.

    April 16
    CHAZ MCKINNEY @ Texas Outlaw, 200 Commerce Drive, E’town. POC: chazmckinneymusic@hotmail.com.

    JUNELL STREET @ Gondolier Italian Restaurant, 2414 Ring Road, E’town, 8 p.m.-midnight. POC: Gary Fights, 763-6459.

    April 21

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Low-fat, low suger treats


    Tickle Ragland of Hodgenville has sent us two more recipes that are low in fat and low in sugar. Since Tickle is a diabetic, she’s always on the lookout for such recipes.

  • Tron: Legacy -- Back in the grid

    "TRON: Legacy"
    Rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.
    Release date: Dec. 17
    Runtime: 127 minutes
    Rating: three out of five take slates


    “TRON: Legacy” had a $43.6 million opening weekend, but will audiences return over the competitive Christmas weekend?