• Soldier illustrates military life and much more in his art

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Toni Graves combines his love of art and his love of the military in many pieces of his fine artwork.

    Sometimes people assume the paintings in his Fork Knox office are pieces he bought, until they look closer to see his signature on it. Then they usually become more interested in the piece and asks questions about it, he said.

  • Ashlee Tomes' lens reflects joy in everyday life

    Photographer Ashlee Tomes turned heartbreak into inspiration.

    In 2007, at a doctor’s appointment to find out what sex their baby would be, Tomes and her husband learned their daughter had a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

    Their daughter, London, died during surgery when she was 2 days old.

  • Masquerade highlights Fort Knox book signing

    A masquerade party and costume contest will highlight a book signing Tuesday by author Kelly Creagh at Barr Memorial Library, 62 W. Spearhead Division Ave., Fort Knox.

    The event will feature the release of “Oblivion,” the third and final volume in Creagh’s young adult Never­more series.

  • Ocean City jumps in population

    Central Hardin High School graduate Zach Alexander began Ocean City a couple years ago as a one-man music project.

    Since then, Ocean City’s population has quintupled.

    Last year, Ocean City grew to include Alexander’s older brother, Nick, as well as Tommy Hill, Brady Haynes and Connor Brown, all Central Hardin graduates.

  • Auditions to be held for two PAC productions

    Auditions for two productions by the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center at John Hardin High School are Monday and Tuesday.

    Children and teens interested in auditioning for The PAC ProAm production of “The

  • 21-year Army veteran signs books at Barr Memorial Library

    Author Brad Taylor will discuss and sign his book “The Insider Threat” at noon Tuesday at Barr Memorial Library at Fort Knox.

    Complimentary copies of “The Insider Threat” will be available to soldiers in uniform.

    Taylor, a retired U.S. Army special operations lieutenant colonel, uses his 21-year military career as background for his book.

  • Dairy farm event features concerts, food, activities

    Cows and concerts will share the spotlight when Moos, Music & BBQ takes over Thomas Dairy Farm and Market in Cecilia tonight.

    “We are still a functioning dairy farm, so we have cows, and that’s where the moos is coming from,” said Walker Thomas, owner of the farm.

  • I always feel like somebody's watching me

    The News-Enterprise

    Do you ever get the feeling like you’re being watched? I don’t mean a paranoid feeling that makes you want to hide around the corner or never leave your house.

    It’s that constant feeling that eyes are on you.

  • 'Max' is a patriotic dog movie just in time for the Fourth of July

    Rated PG for action violence, peril, brief language and some thematic elements.
    Release date: June 26
    Runtime: 111 minutes
    Rating: Dogs are great

    The News-Enterprise
    Most dog owners are suckers for a dog movie. So naturally a story about an ex-military dog would be of interest.

  • Fazed by phases in our canine companions

    So I think both my Pomeranians are going through some growing pains.

    Tybalt just turned 7 in May, and in human years that translates to “Grumpy Old Man” age. On the other hand, Zorro is about to turn 2, and in human years that translates into the “Whatever. I’ll Do What I Want” age.