• Stage set for laughter at State Theater

    Funny bones will be tickled when a trio of comics take the stage for the Comedy Caravan show Saturday night at the Historic State Theater in Eliza­bethtown.

    The show begins at 7:30 p.m. and will be headlined by Campbellsville native Stewart Huff. Comedian Joe Deuce also will perform and the show will be emceed by comedian Rachael Goldman.

  • Helen Mirren shines like the 'Woman in Gold'

    Some films have depth, charm and a glimpse into history. This is true of “Woman in Gold.”

    It is the story of Maria Altmann’s quest to regain a famous painting of her aunt. Stolen by the Nazis, it later wound up in the possession of a museum in Austria.

  • Lincoln Museum to host art sale, exhibit

    The Lincoln Museum will host an art sale and exhibit, which began Thursday and continues through Sunday, to benefit the museum and the LaRue County speech program.

    Works by award-winning artist Phyllis Blakeman will go on sale, including paintings, drawings watercolors, oils, sketches and calligraphy.

  • The fault not in the stars but lack of auto maintenance

    What’s your sign?

    Those of us of a certain age might remember the popular phrase and cheesy pick-up line in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It was the age of “The Age of Aquarius,” a time when you likely knew your astrological sign about as well as your street address.

  • Communication key in latest HCP production

    The first object fits in her hand and is mostly smooth but slightly textured. The next item is also smooth but larger with more curves and openings into which her young fingers can slip.

    An egg. A mug.

    At the urging of her determined instructor, the blind and mute girl turns over the items in her hands during her reluctant journey to unlock the world of language.

  • Photography show begins Saturday

    Art that brings healing is part of the purpose of Keith McKern’s photography.

    After returning from a deployment, the memories were hard to deal with. He eventually turned to photography to help him through it and to honor his fellow soldiers.

  • 'Furious 7:' One last ride

    The fast driving, hard punching gang from the “Fast and Furious” franchise is back in action but this time around there’s more meaning behind the madness.

  • Students showcased in ECTC exhibit

    Student art is on display at Morrison Art Gallery on the Eliza­bethtown Community and Technical College campus in an exhibit that runs through April 15.

  • The Boov invade in 'Home'

    Rated PG for mild action and some rude humor.
    Release date: March 27
    Runtime: 94 minutes
    Rating: Cute but lacking


    The News-Enterprise

    DreamWorks Animation’s “Home” is a colorful adventure but it may not be an adventure worth taking.

  • Being lured to a true addiction

    The News-Enterprise

    This is the time of year I start thinking seriously about fishing.

    If you ask my other half, Rebecca Ricks, she would say I never stop thinking seriously about fishing. I will admit I do think about fishing a lot, but thinking seriously about fishing is quite another thing.