• Country up-and-comers Jetset Getset come to Radcliff

    Kickers Country Bar and Grill in Radcliff hosts country group Jetset Getset in concert at 8 p.m. Saturday.

    The group recently was recognized by the Country Music Association as “Who New to Watch in 2013.”

    The trio of Tori Little, Sadie Loveland and Avery Eliason head up the band and are promoting their album “Saturday Night.”

    Most of the band is comprised of teenagers but perform a range of music for all ages.

  • Easter hats still adorn some heads

    In 1933, Irving Berlin wrote a song about an Easter bonnet “with all the fringe upon it.”

    While popularity of Easter headwear seems to have declined in some areas, Easter attire still is alive and well in many larger cities around the country, where holiday parades and hat contests abound.

    In Hardin County, the Easter hat gets somewhat less attention, though it is not completely forgotten.

  • Butler's back in action in 'Olympus Has Fallen'

    After a series of movies that didn’t rate very well at the box office or with the critics, there’s one thing to say about “Olympus Has Fallen”: Gerard Butler is back.

    The film is like “Die Hard” in the White House. It follows the “one man on the inside against the bad guys” formula to the letter. Yet, there are a few less cheesy one-liners than typically are found in this type of movie.

  • Stranger danger applies to all ages

    Near the end of the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” there’s a piece of dialogue that really sticks with you.

    The serial killer asks the hero why people don’t trust their instincts. When people know something isn’t right, they still go along for the sake of being polite. It’s hard to believe the fear of offending someone is stronger than the fear of pain, the killer says, but it is.

  • Trio at ease performing comedy arrives at Fort Knox

    A trio of military veterans hopes audiences sound off with laughter when they perform free as stand-up comics at Fort Knox.

    Known as The GIs of Comedy, Thom Tran, Jose Sarduy and Tom Irwin present shows at 7 p.m. today at the Saber & Quill and 9 p.m. Saturday at The Landing Zone.

    A cash bar and limited menu are available at both shows. Those attending must be 18 or older.

    Both shows are open to the public.

  • Watoto Children's Choir presents 'Beautiful Africa'

    The Watoto Children’s Choir visits Valley Creek Baptist Church on Thursday for a music and dance performance.

    The group previously performed in churches in Hardin County, including a performance at Valley Creek.

    “We are excited to have the Watoto Children’s Choir at Valley Creek for the second time,” worship pastor Josh Brown said. “They travel through our region every two years, alternating between the eastern and western parts of the United States.”

  • Enjoying surprises as they blossom

    Last week as I stood on the back porch, I noticed a tiny purple bloom in a random spot on the lawn.

    It was nothing spectacular, just a tiny flower amid a lawn of brown grass.

    The notable thing is at various times during the year for the past few years, tiny blooms have popped up in that same area at random times. And usually not the same color or type as its predecessors, but they always are tiny flowers.

    One time, a white flower appeared. Another time, it was yellow. Yet another time, we got one that was mostly pink.

  • The slightly mediocre 'Burt Wonderstone'

    What is advertised as incredible should more accurately be called slightly funny in Steve Carell’s latest film.

    The title role in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” is not much of a departure for Carell. If you’ve seen his character Michael Scott on television’s “The Office,” you’ve basically met Burt Wonderstone. He’s Scott with a spray tan, sequins and a velvet outfit performing magic — a little less Scranton, a little more Vegas.

  • Allegro Dance Theatre performs under the sea

    The Little Mermaid swims her way to the stage tonight in Allegro Dance Theatre’s musical theater ensemble production.

    Auditions were so successful director Carol Zagar triple cast the lead.

    “I chose to multiple-cast the part of Ariel because I had three young ladies who prepared and did well during their audition and deserved the part,” Zagar said.

    Including private performances for local students, there are nine performances so each actress performs as Ariel three times.

  • History draws many to Celtic music

    Celtic music comes to the forefront of many minds as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, but for some it’s more than a once-a-year experience.

    Associated with Scottish and Irish culture, Celtic music as a genre is debated by some. Still, many have a concept, both accurate and erroneous, of what Celtic music is.