• The ballad of Cosmo the groundhog

    The News-Enterprise

    Do you ever get those pesky visitors that won’t go away? They keep coming back, hanging out at your house and eating your food. They don’t even notice they are a nuisance.

    They just keep coming back over and over.

    My mom has this problem — with a groundhog.

  • Plot of 'Pixels' should have stayed in the 1980s

    Rated PG-13 for some language and suggestive comments.
    Release date: July 24
    Runtime: 105 minutes
    Rating: Good idea, bad application


    The News-Enterprise

  • The vinyl revival

    While many assumed the long-playing record on vinyl died a long time ago, it has enjoyed a recent resurgence.

    Crosley Radio manufactures turntables in its Louisville-based business. Marketing Manager Jason Menard said the company has seen a steady increase in turntable sales in the past five years as vinyl has experienced a resurgence.

  • Masquerade highlights Fort Knox book signing

    A masquerade party and costume contest will highlight a book signing Tuesday by author Kelly Creagh at Barr Memorial Library, 62 W. Spearhead Division Ave., Fort Knox.

    The event will feature the release of “Oblivion,” the third and final volume in Creagh’s young adult Never­more series.

  • While cute and entertaining, 'Minions' lacks ‘Despicable Me’ charm

    One of the highlights of any “Despicable Me” film is Gru’s band of lovable henchman otherwise known as Minions.

    This time around, the Minions have a film of their own that explains what their life was like before meeting their leader Gru.

  • Reflections on the evolution of summer

    So maybe there was a time when temperatures in the 90s would not deter me from going outside like it does now.

    It was known as childhood.

    As a kid, I rarely thought of impediments to summer fun. Mosquitoes, heat, potential for death or dismemberment, none of it seemed to matter.

  • Ocean City jumps in population

    Central Hardin High School graduate Zach Alexander began Ocean City a couple years ago as a one-man music project.

    Since then, Ocean City’s population has quintupled.

    Last year, Ocean City grew to include Alexander’s older brother, Nick, as well as Tommy Hill, Brady Haynes and Connor Brown, all Central Hardin graduates.

  • Marvel’s next big thing

    Even though I’m a big Marvel fan, I was skeptical about the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Ant-Man.”

    From the name of the hero to the concept of a superhero that shrinks to ant size proportions, the whole thing seems a little silly.

  • Auditions to be held for two PAC productions

    Auditions for two productions by the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center at John Hardin High School are Monday and Tuesday.

    Children and teens interested in auditioning for The PAC ProAm production of “The

  • Local students get in touch with their feline side for 'Cats'

    One of the longest-running shows on Broadway will begin at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center at John Hardin High School this weekend as the Youth Theatre of Hardin County presents “Cats.”

    Director Eric Pope said it’s a show he always wanted to direct.