• Playing with fire

    Steven Daugherty’s artwork is smoking hot.

    At least that’s the case when he’s working on projects for Lost Art, his custom wood burning business.

    “I always try to do something different, something you don’t see everywhere,” Daugherty said.

    Billing himself as a fire writer, Daugherty, who recently moved from Hardin County to just over the Breckinridge County line, uses a small wood burning tool to make signs and create artwork.

  • 'Pacific Rim,' a high-tech Godzilla film

    “Pacific Rim”
    Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief language
    Release date: July 12
    Runtime: 131 minutes
    Rating: Great effects, weak story

  • Youth Theatre's 'Peter Pan' will make a lost boy of you

    The first time Peter Pan came on stage — flying, smiling, sprinkling fairy dust — my stomach fluttered and a childlike grin spread across my face.

  • PAC holds auditions for "Les Misérables"

    Auditions for the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center Pro-Am production of “Les Misérables” are 7 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday.

    Students in first through 12th grades can audition Sunday. Men can audition Monday and women can audition Tuesday.

    All auditions are at the PAC at John Hardin High School.

    Those who cannot audition on the day of their gender or age can attend one of the other auditions, but will not be seen until the end of the evening, according to a news release.

  • Flying high with 'Peter Pan'

    Some actors on stage and screen have to undergo physical transformations to play their part. Like Anne Hathaway in “Les Misérables,” Kendra Ball learned sometimes transformation means you have to cut off 14 inches of hair.

    Ball, who always had long hair, made the decision to forgo a wig in her performance in the lead role in “Peter Pan,” a part written for and traditionally played by a woman in the musical.

  • Unscripted life moments can be welcome change

    To paraphrase an old quote:the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And sometimes, as Steve Winwood once sang, you just have to roll with it.

    Last Friday, my other half, Rebecca Ricks, and I planned an outing that involved a trip to Louisville.

    When we got there we discovered the event — Shakespeare in Central Park — had been canceled because of an unexpected emergency.

  • Confederate Railroad highlights Bullitt County festival

    The Salt River Music Fest offers live music on two stages today and Saturday at Bullitt County Fairgrounds in Shepherdsville.

    Country act Confederate Railroad highlights the event Saturday night. The music agenda includes more than 18 bands and activities include karaoke, mud volleyball, tug-o-war and mud boggin'.

    Tickets are $10 Friday and $15 Saturday. For more information, visit www.saltrivermusicfest.com.

  • Crochet catches on for Elizabethtown woman

    For the relatively short time Barbara King has been crocheting, she’s has gone from doing it as a hobby to making a business out of it.

    “I just learned how to crochet in ’09,” the Elizabethtown resident said.

    When King first started crocheting she made baby blankets as gifts.

  • Saddle up for 'The Lone Ranger'

    The masked man rides again in Walt Disney’s rendition of “The Lone Ranger.”

    This time around, the western crusader is played by Armie Hammer (“Mirror Mirror”) and Tonto is played somewhat controversially by Johnny Depp (“Dark Shadows”).

    Many moviegoers, including myself, have been skeptical about this new treatment of the beloved western icon. From the commercials, the film looks like Will Smith’s comedy-western flop “Wild Wild West.”

  • Sharing the wisdom of the Duck Commander

    Along with many Americans, I absolutely adore the loveable rednecks of “Duck Dynasty.”

    Part of the draw of this phenomenon is even though they are millionaire woodsmen, they are relatable.

    Most families have an Uncle Si in some form or fashion and the families that don’t wish they did. Siblings pick on and pull pranks on each other all the time, too.

    Sometimes, while laughing at their TV antics, I realize I’m laughing because I could totally see someone I know doing something like what I see on the show.