• Learning about the man I call father

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, I can’t help but think about my dad.

    They (whoever “they” are) say you’re supposed to keep learning as you get older. That is so true when it comes to learning about my father.

  • Dash of Class: Creative recipes for young cooks

    For those of you with children of all ages, all of a sudden your children are free from school and now it is time to think of some activities that are not so boring. Of course, they can readily think of other things to fill their time, like watching television, playing video games, anything to keep from playing outdoors in the heat and humidity.

  • Elizabethtown attorney publishes young adult novel

    Stephen Van Zant might be an attorney practicing law in Elizabethtown, but the Oldham County resident had a story to tell that required him to put on another hat.

    The attorney is now an author, with his young adult novel, “Far From Good,” recently published by WinePress Publishing.

  • Kentucky Reignman avoids typical rap, hip hop elements

    Elizabethtown resident Richie Gergely is a hip-hop, rap and soul artist.

    But he prefers to emphasize the soul element to his music unlike typical hip-hop and rap subjects.

    “It doesn’t have to be about drugs and guns and violence,” he said.

    Still, Gergely’s music includes explicit language, and some of it, he said, is the “hardcore stuff.”

    Recording under the name Kentucky Reignman, Gergely uses beats provided by producers from around the globe, including Fargo, N.D., Italy and the United Kingdom, he said.

  • Anyone for a picnic?

    Picnics can be a bucket of chicken on a blanket under a shade tree or an elaborate gathering with decorations and a fancy feast.

    With the Fourth of July just around the corner, picnic season is in full swing. The scope of the event is all up to you but there are some things to think about when planning the perfect picnic.

    Part of a successful picnic is the presentation and Michele Redmond, buyer and artistic director for The Red Brick Cottage in Radcliff, suggested some small things that can make a great presentation.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Chicken Tetrazzini

    As I mentioned in last week’s column, I lucked out the day Carl Pitts brought his friend Tom Kasey in to The News-Enterprise. We all started talking about food, imagine that, and I got a recipe from each of them.

  • Louisville booksigning to be held for Radcliff author

    Radcliff author Darla Daniel will host a booksigning from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday at Old Louisville Coffeehouse at 1489 S. 4th St. in Louisville.

    Daniel’s book, “The Polluted Pump: Help for Cleaning Out the Filth in Our Lives,” was published earlier this year by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. The book encourages readers to investigate their true motives when it comes to tithing and serving in church.

  • 'Super 8' doesn't have the magic of previous Spielberg films.

    Since the very first mysterious trailer for “Super 8” hit theaters there was a buzz surrounding the Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams (“Lost”) collaboration.

    With this much Hollywood power behind a film, it should knock your socks off. Sadly, it does not.

    What you get instead is a film in which E.T. kicks a lot of butt before phoning home. A slightly scarier version and larger version of E.T., I should say.

  • Searching for balance of business and art

    As Kentucky Repertory Theatre at Horse Cave navigates its course through the rough waters of viability, a new man at the helm has put into place a few things he hopes will keep the organization afloat.

    Christopher Carter Sanderson, whose effective start date at KRT as its new executive director was March 1, arrived with some specific goals in mind.

    “I tried to move with alacrity to address the immediate concern of serving the public through theater,” Sanderson said.

  • Dash of Class: B foods

    This week we return to our culinary field trip and the letter of choice is B.

    If you are accustomed to only eating a banana on your cereal, you are not utilizing that fruit to its fullest. There are so many wonderful recipes for bananas including banana bread, banana cake, bananas in gelatin — now that’s an old one — and banana pudding, But there are many other ways to use bananas and I have some for you. Included is a Banana Peanut Salad recipe from my sister-in-law. It's a good substitute for the Banana Croquettes.