• My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Polly Shaw's Noodle Pudding

    Everybody’s going to be so happy today because I’ve got another Polly Shaw recipe. You wouldn’t believe how many calls I get, asking about Polly, wanting more Polly recipes and even suggesting that Polly publish a cookbook.

  • Vinal's their name; don't wear it out (or maybe do)

    Vinyl records were the inspiration for the name of Elizabethtown rock group Vinal (pronounced the same as its namesake), but the group has not lasted 12 years on their name alone.

    “I believe to succeed as a band, in any genre, the members have to have great chemistry, and as with any relationship, communication is key,” Nick Glass, vocalist and guitarist, said.

    Glass moved to Elizabethtown in 1996 and had joined The Heartland Song Writer’s Association, playing music at the now defunct Piccassos.

  • Playing hooky from vacation

    Vacation typically means different things to different people.

    At least once a year to my girlfriend, Rebecca Ricks, and me, it means a couple of days and nights camping and fishing at Land-Between-the-Lakes. This year was no exception.

    That’s what we had in mind, anyway.

    But this year Mother Nature decided to be particularly disagreeable.
    Yep. My vacation fell during last week’s bout of severe weather.

  • Favorite dishes for Derby Day celebrations

    Saturday is the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby, which many sports enthusiasts refer to it as “the greatest two minutes in sports.” The race that began in 1875 is 1.25 miles long and is for 3-year-olds. But for as much history and tradition there is about the horses and Churchill Downs, there is much tradition about the food and drinks served at the race track on the first Saturday of May.

  • Dash of Class: Corn salad and more

  • Free concerts offered tonight at ECTC

    The Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Fine Arts Committee will present a concert at 7 tonight in the Morrison Gallery at ECTC.

    First on the program will be the ECTC concert band, directed by Kevin Shank. The band will perform a variety of marches and classics.

  • Candle Sampley — a woman of many talents



    When Candle Sampley was 8 years old she told her parents she wanted a piano.

    She did jobs around the house to get enough money to pay her part, and after several months her family brought home a piano. She started talking lessons when she was 9 and loved it. After graduating high school she picked up the guitar.

    Now age 29, Sampley plays and writes her own music.

  • One freaked out Corgi

    The past couple weeks were full of storms and have left me with little sleep. Not because they wake me up, I find sleeping through stormy weather quite soothing.

    My lack of sleep is because, for some reason, Duke the Corgi suddenly has become scared of storms. Furthermore he believes when he is scared I have to be awake. Boo, my Chocolate Lab, is quite annoyed by this as he grumbles at Duke and then flops back asleep.

    I’m not sure where this new fear of storms came from, but the lack of sleep is beginning to wear on me.

  • A cast carried by the film's giant star

    I will make an enemy of every “Twilight” fan on the planet when I talk of Robert Pattinson’s performance in “Water for Elephants.”

    The Pachyderm has more personality than Pattinson. But at least he smiled a few times in this one.

    The film is based on the best-selling novel written by Sara Gruen. It’s about a veterinary student, Jacob (Pattinson), whose parents die in a car accident right as he’s getting ready to take his final vet school exam.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Real Good Brownies

    Barbara Watkins of Bonnieville has shared several wonderful recipes with us in the past. Remember the Corn Flake Candies, the Dump Chili and the Dump Spaghetti Sauce? This recipe for Real Good Brownies is another keeper.

    Barbara has twin daughters, Linda Riggs, a teacher at Creekside Elementary School who used to write for the Bonnieville newspaper, and Brenda Lynch who is a nurse at Hardin Memorial Hospital.