• Finding fortune during unfortunate times

    I’ve been sick lately.

    Physically sick and emotionally sick.

    On Sunday, March 13, a severe cold or other illness overcame me and kept me from work for three days.

    The bigger sickness — the emotional one — had come a day earlier, on Saturday, March 12.

    That’s when the latest member of our household — a rescued Pomeranian and 10-pound ball of energy named Tybalt —  got loose and was hit by a car.

    Tybalt survived his ordeal but had to have his right hind leg removed.

  • Outlaw Justice evolves

    Aiming to please their audiences, Hardin County band Outlaw Justice fires away with a mixture of country and southern rock, including covers ranging from Waylon Jennings to ZZ Top.

    “We are all deeply rooted to our music and are very dedicated to putting on a good performance,” said Mike Miller, lead guitarist and backing vocalist.

    Miller, who is from Rineyville, said the band “just sort of evolved.”

    “Everybody just knew everybody,” he said.

  • Dash of Class: Favorites of Presbyterian Women

    On Feb. 15, I was a guest of Elizabethtown Presbyterian Women in their church hall for lunch. Prior to lunch, I previewed two recipes that were to appear in my column the following week, Mocha Meringue Kisses and Cherry Dumpling Cake; and demonstrated a formal table setting. Items such as a knife rest and an individual salt cellar were items not normally used in most formal settings, but were of interest to the ladies. They brought dishes for the luncheon, and it was a pleasure for me to taste and to receive the recipes to share with you.

  • Free concert Sunday features harps and hounds

    A community-based wind ensemble will release “The Hounds of Spring” to the public in a free concert Sunday at The Historic State Theater.

    The concert, performed by The Heartland Winds and special guests, is at 3 p.m.

    “The concert will open with our special guests the Harps of the Heartland, directed by Lorinda Jones,” Matt Baucum, publicity manager for The Heartland Winds, said.

    Along with instructor Jones, members of Harps of the Heartland are Debby Couch, Rachel Marshall, Linda Shoffner and Natalie Smith.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Chocolate Gravy

    Ada W. Avery of Elizabethtown has sent in one of the most interesting recipes I’ve ever seen – Chocolate Gravy. When I first read the name, my stomach sort of did a flip … Chocolate? Yumm! Chocolate gravy?  Hmmmmm.

  • Coffee and music combine Friday at The Bridge

    A room is flooded with the smell of fresh coffee, painted in warm tones with soft lighting and the sound of acoustic music lifting throughout the room.

    No, you’re not in a coffee shop on Bardstown Road in Louisville. You’re at the Bridge Acoustic Café at the Nexus building of The Bridge Community Church on Wilson Road near Elizabethtown.

    The Bridge Acoustic Cafe is a place where any music lover in the community can gather for coffee and music once a month.

  • Limitless: A film that goes nowhere

    A guy takes a pill that helps him access all of his brain to be able to think quickly, react on instinct and remember everything he’s ever read or seen in his life.

    Sound familiar?

    Bradley Cooper’s “Limitless” is a dumb down, less sophisticated and almost actionless version of television’s “Chuck.” Also, I might note, not nearly as funny.

  • Dash of Class: St. Patrick's Day delights

    It is so wonderful to have my column for St. Patrick’s Day actually on St. Patrick’s Day.

    With my Lasley heritage, I do have Irish blood, so I hope you enjoy the recipes I have selected for you if not for dinner tonight, maybe this weekend or even next year. Just file them away. All of today's recipes came from www.allrecipes.com.

    Original Irish Cream

    1 c. heavy cream

    1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

    1 2/3 c. Irish whiskey

  • The problem with Gaga

    I know some people have gone gaga over Lady Gaga, but I think it’s time to get real here. Despite the dramatic overtones of everything she does, is there any talent there?

    I won’t approach this from a moral or ethical standpoint, but there are issues to discuss there. I mean, come on, she did an interview on “Good Morning America” in an outfit she said was inspired by a condom.

    I want to look at her from a musical standpoint.

    Is her flair for the dramatic masking the fact that she lacks musical talent?

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Corn Flake candies

    Barbara Watkins of Bonnieville sent me this recipe for Corn Flake Candies last year, but I didn’t get around to making it until several weeks ago.