• Point/Counterpoint: Snow, love it

    When I grow up, I want to move somewhere where it snows for four months of the year. I think snow is one of the most beautiful things in nature, and the fact that it is relatively common just adds to the beauty. The sight of a perfectly flat, white lawn with the tracks of little birds that have hopped around under the frosted trees never fails to amaze me.

  • The long job search

    Recession has become commonplace in conversation the past few years. While many adults have been hit hard during these turbulent economic times, many overlook the fact that teenagers are feeling the strain as well.

    The 2011 national unemployment rate for job-seekers age 16 to 19 was about 25 percent, according to U.S. labor statistics. 

  • January's The Blurb

    Rising Voices’ take on all things entertainment  


  • Differentiated instruction becoming the standard in Fort Knox schools


    I am delighted to announce the adoption of differentiated instruction in the Fort Knox Community Schools. 

    This initiative is adapted from Carol Ann Tomlinson’s 2002 book on teaching and learning, "Differentiating Instruction for Academic Diversity." 

  • The cost of college: You might not have to break your piggy bank

    For many students, choosing and applying to colleges often comes down to dollars and cents.
    How to pay for college often is one of the first things students begin to contemplate when the college application process begins. One of the main components in seeking aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
    The application for 2012-13 funding became available Sunday and can be found at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

  • Students should shine in college applications

    Applying for college takes some preparation. Students must follow deadlines and have spent their high school careers building experiences that can translate to a well-rounded resume that will stand out to admissions officers.

    Timeliness is an important aspect of the admissions process, said Tanya Corder, a senior counselor for John Hardin High School. Corder tells students it is best to apply as early as possible, because it allows them to get responses sooner, consider financial aid options, apply for housing and take part in student orientation.

  • Calling a snow day is a detailed collaboration

    By Nannette Johnston

    The winter has been kind to us so far. We can rest assured the “old man” will raise his ugly head soon, though. And, when he does we’ll have to consider our options regarding school attendance. I thought it would be helpful to share some of the factors that must be considered when cancelling classes.

    What is the process for calling off school? 

  • College-bound athletes must make themselves noticed

    By Savannah Haberman

    Juniors and senior athletes, as your last years of high school dwindle down and your final seasons are coming to a close, you are probably deciding, if you haven’t already, whether you would like to continue your career as an athlete in college.

    This doesn’t come as a surprise as there are many college-bound athletes in our midst. I’m sure the biggest question isn’t where to go, but how to even get there.

  • December Student Editor: Mickey Thompson

    Mickey Thompson is this month's student editor.

    Mickey is a 16-year-old junior who is home schooled. He is involved with T.A.R.C. (rocket club), S.L.I. (advanced rocket club), 4-H, Junior Optimist Octagon International and Boy Scouts.

    He also plays soccer and enjoys martial arts. Mickey not only plays soccer but has refereed for various tournaments in Kentucky and surrounding states.

    Writing is not only something he does for Rising Voices but is an active hobby.

  • Wikipedia proves reliable, relevant

    By Michael Niemeyer

    In the ever-fluctuating world of technology, it is hard to know the real deal.

    Many websites have false or misleading information, while others just want to flood web surfers with advertisements and make a quick buck.

    Wikipedia, website of controversy, is often accused of many wrongdoings and is seen as an unreliable website by some.

    The goal of Wikipedia is made clear by one of its founders, Jimmy Whales.