• Singing to your health in the new year

    By Alexis Piscatello

    Christmas might have put you in the mood for singing but don’t stop the melody in the new year.

    Danielle Hethcox, a math tutor who volunteers at Fort Knox, said she sings during Christmas because she knows all the words to the Christmas hymns.

    “It’s almost more socially acceptable to sing during the holidays,” she said. “People are generally more positive.”

    Singing does invoke positive feelings in us, but there are health aspects to singing, as well.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Who is the king of hip-hop? Lil’ Wayne

    By Michael Niemeyer

    Throughout history, kings rise to power and fall.

    In the world of music, kings also rise and fall. Despite the steady decline in the quality of hip-hop music, and the flaky domination of expired 1990s artists, Lil’ Wayne has persevered and created more masterpieces than any other modern hip-hop artist. 

    He is, without a doubt, the current ruler of the realm of hip-hop and the undeniable king of the industry.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Who is the king of hip-hop? Jay Z

    By Caleb Moore

    “They call me King Hov, copy?” 

    Even with his indicative song lyrics set aside, it is plain to see Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has a definite hold on the rap game. Take a glance at any aspect of his hip-hop career and it’s clear he has truly conquered. In music, Jay Z’s impact has been meaningful, long-lasting and voluminous.

  • Jesus Talk: Teens organize Christian club

    IF YOU GO:  Jesus Talk meets 4 to 6 p.m. Fridays at Panera Bread in Elizabethtown.


    By Janelle Williams

    On Friday afternoons at Panera Bread in Elizabethtown, you'll find roughly a dozen high school students crowded around a table. Some sip the cafe soups while others flip through the pages in their Bibles.

    All of these teens come from various high schools, yet are united weekly through their faith. They come to attend a club called Jesus Talk.

  • The Blurb

    Rising Voices’ take on all things entertainment 


  • Fort Knox schools deliver comprehensive special education services


    In the Fort Knox Community Schools system, one of every seven students receives special education services.

    These nearly 300 children have disabilities categorized mostly as communication impairments (29 percent), specific learning disability (23 percent and developmental delay (20 percent). The remaining 28 percent of students have disabilities including autism and various health impairments.

  • Removing Barriers for Student Success

    By Gary French

  • Nurturing, celebrating leadership in Hardin County Schools

    By Nannette Johnston

    Our students are simply amazing. They are growing, learning, participating and leading more and more each day. I feel confident that the students who walk across our graduation platforms each spring will go into the world and become their generation’s leaders. Their Hardin County Schools education will play a huge role in that.

  • It's not really a snow day until you go play

    There’s one essential component to a fun snow day — getting out to play in the snow.


    Outdoor fun can go beyond making a snow man, although it is a must. Some stores now sell snowman making kits that help make the perfect snowman. You can also build a snow man old-school style with a carrot from the fridge and some hats, buttons and scarves found in the house.

    Many people also build igloos, snow forts or, if you are a Superman fan, a Fortress of Solitude.

  • Snow days equals snack time

    Along with the perfect indoor and outdoor snow day activities, you also have to think about what to eat on a snow day.

    Snow days are usually all about snacking.

    Samantha Rogers, a student at the University of Kentucky likes to snack on popcorn or chips and salsa on a snow day. Elizabethtown High School student Mallory Simon likes her nachos microwaved.

    Jackson Reeves, also a student at UK, kicks nachos up a notch. He calls his dish the Turbo-jet 5,000 nacho platter. He has specific instructions on how to prepare the dish.