• EIS rounds up reading skills over summer break

    By Kelly Graham
    EIS instructional coordinator

    Time for instruction, is it really important? It is essential to students’ learning. Summer break, is it necessary? Absolutely. But, perhaps both can go hand in hand when accomplishing the task of boosting reading levels and revving up enthusiasm and passion for reading.

  • Before kindergarten, parents can work on the three Rs

    Parents are often eager to work with their incoming kindergartener over the summer to prepare for their first year of school, and while educators stress it isn’t necessary, it can be a helpful boost to children.

    Carlena Sheeran, the early childhood director for Hardin County Schools, said kindergarten teachers take children at the level they enter school and work with them from there.

  • St. James tradition to continue in new school building

    By Sister Michael Marie Friedman

    St. James Catholic Regional School is a tradition unlike any other. St. James Catholic School was started in 1870 as St. Mary’s Academy. The school continues the tradition today of Catholic education in Hardin and surrounding counties as a regional school.

    The school today stands upon the shoulders of many generations that sacrificed to make our present school setting possible. We have outgrown our present setting and will be moving. We are looking forward to this move.

  • Summer is a break from class, not learning

    The school year is over and in less than two months, we’ll already have started another year. Can you believe it? The old adage “time flies” is surely right.

    The summer break is a wonderful time to make memories and share some valued family time. I hope all our families can spend some time doing the things they enjoy most.

  • May student editor

    Kerry Skiff is this month's student editor for Rising Voices.

    A junior, who is homeschooled and a part of the Christian Educational Consortium, Kerry is involved in volleyball and soccer at Elizabethtown Christian Academy. Her hobbies include playing the flute.

    Her future career interests include teaching and journalism.

    As editor for the May issue of Rising Voices, Kerry led discussion and assigned stories and photos.

    She joined Rising Voices to gain journalism experience.

  • Exchange student experiences a year of growth

    By Roksolana Turkovska

    People make choices every day, and a decision I made completely changed my life. With God’s will, I became a foreign exchange student from Ukraine with the program FLEX. 

    FLEX gives students a chance to live with a host family and attend a U.S. high school for a year. The program is very competitive. Nearly 7,000 students submitted applications and only 200 from Ukraine became finalists. Fortunately, I was one of them.

  • College advice and tips: Choosing a college and major

    Before even thinking about facing the challenges of college, the graduating high school student has a couple other considerations to face, namely which college to attend and what to major in.

    Jessica Shartzer, an Eastern Kentucky University student and 2010 North Hardin High School graduate, said high school students should look at what courses any prospective college offers.

    “The main reason why I chose Eastern is because it's only one of three schools in the state of Kentucky that offers speech/language pathology as a major,” Shartzer said.

  • ECTC delivers a variety of options, services

    By Thelma White

  • Schools must play by copyright rules, too

    By Savanna Bolin

  • Summer reading recommendations

    By Autumn Sandlin and April Winebarger

    The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath