• The road to college

    Make the most of campus visits

  • Preschool a worthy investment

    By Nannette Johnston

    We are all lifelong learners. We attend elementary, middle and high schools. We proceed to a college or technical school and then into the work force. While in our vocations, we stay on top of new strategies and professional development. Then, when we retire, we read books and periodicals to keep our minds sharp. 

    Research shows children start learning in the womb. There is not a lot we can do to measure learning at that age. However, we can start monitoring language development and brain activity as soon as our babies are born.

  • Creating the future through strategic planning


    Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This past fall, a group of 28 shareholders, representing the education, business and parental sectors of our community, joined forces as a strategic planning team to create the future of the Elizabethtown Independent School District. While these individuals possessed valuable intangible assets, expertise, leadership and experience, the capacity of their leadership in addition to their commitment to our school district gave purpose to the plan itself.

  • Learning a Kentucky music tradition

    Students at Vine Grove Elementary School have the opportunity to learn an instrument with historic significance to Kentucky.

    Once a week, fourth- and fifth-grade students meet for dulcimer club to learn an appreciation for the instrument and the value of teamwork.

    Dulcimers are fretted string instruments that typically have three or four strings.

  • Students bang the drum in music education

    On Mondays after school, students from Woodland Elementary School can be found making a lot of noise without getting into trouble.

    Members of The Woodland Drums, a group of auditioned students led by music teacher Aaron Dale, are putting sticks and hands to a variety of drums, gaining a deeper understanding of music, performance and teamwork.

  • Musicians Club helps Central Hardin students connect, create

    When people think of music in schools they often think of the band they see on the football field at halftime or chorus performances throughout the year. Those are two important aspects of music in schools, but music education is found in many forms.

    At Central Hardin High School, The Musicians Club brings together students who play instruments of any type, write music or simply enjoy music.

  • Students rally around toddler fighting cancer

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  • Rising Voices: Point/Counterpoint: Semesters or Trimesters

    By Savanna Bolin 

    High school, for some, is meant to be a time of readying yourself for college. It's an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience to help you succeed in whatever plans you have for the future.


  • Rising Voices: Lost in Translation

    By Amira Bryant

    Other than a smile, mathematics is the universal language of the world, but many students don't speak it fluently.

    Math presents a variety of struggles, according to students and education professionals.

    Donna Herringshaw, a John Hardin high school math teacher, thinks it's an issue that can be traced back to elementary school.

    “Students have been taught from a very young age that math is difficult,” Herringshaw said. 

  • Rising Voices: Point, Counter Point: Semesters or Trimesters

    By Autumn Sandlin

    Every school you go to has a different way of running things, including scheduling.

    There has been a lot of talk recently about semesters and trimesters. Some schools divide the year into two 18-week long semesters with final exams at the end of each. Others divide the year into three 12-week trimesters.