• Dercqu keeps drumming at forefront


    The News-Enterprise

    Louie Dercqu’s decision to begin playing the drums can really be traced back to two sources of inspiration — his mother and Travis Barker.

    Dercqu, 18, a recent graduate of North Hardin High School, was planning to take up the trumpet in the school band when he was in fifth grade. But since he was constantly tapping out a beat on the furniture in the house, his mother suggested he play the drums instead.

  • Piscatellos bring music to community


    The News-Enterprise

    For the Piscatello sisters, music is truly a family affair.

    Sisters Alexis, Rachael, Lois and Claire Piscatello have each found a deep love for music, something that has blossomed from an early decision to give Alexis, 18, piano lessons.

  • Keep learning all summer long

    Summer is here. I hope our students are enjoying their summer breaks and are using every opportunity to continue learning. Learning is not just something that takes place in our buildings 173 days of the year. It should take place every day of our lives. I won’t share my age with you. However, I will tell you I still learn something new every day.

  • Maddie Lee's joy comes from serving

    Mission Hope for Kids:
    Vaughn Reno Starks Community Center, 105 Bishop Lane, Elizabethtown
    (270) 765-HOPE


    Maddie Lee, 15, didn’t know what joy she’d find helping the children at Mission Hope for Kids, formerly Kid’s Café, until she spent time volunteering with the organization.

  • Fort Knox builds schools for the future


    Next school year, Fort Knox will begin replacing its 1960s-era schools with 21st century schools. Specifically, guided by our five-year construction plan, we plan to build three elementary schools, serving 635 students each, on the Kingsolver, Macdonald and Van Voorhis school sites, and a middle school, for 558 students, on the Pierce school site.

  • May's student editor

    Autumn Sandlin is this month's student editor.

    Autumn is a 18-year-old 2012 graduate of Elizabethtown High School.

    She enjoys going to concerts, hanging out with her best friend, writing and everything about Nashville. Her future goals are to be a journalist, English teacher, elementary school teacher or author.

    Autumn joined Rising Voices to gain journalistic experience and improve her writing skills and share her writing with others.

  • Which pet reigns supreme?

    By Autumn Sandlin


    Cats vs. Dogs is one of the age old battles of good and evil. Much like Voldemort vs. Harry Potter, one of the sides is clearly good while the other is monstrous, evil.

  • Eagle Scouts, others help woman in need

    By Mickey Thompson

    McDonald’s, Rally’s, Sonic, Chick-fil-a, Boy Scout Troop 221 and Habitat for Humanity linked up

    do when they come together? In November of last year, they collaborated to assist a local woman in a difficult situation.

  • Teens await first vote

    By Autumn Sandlin

    This is a very big year for politics. In November, America will elect, or re-elect, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as president. The election in November offers many exciting options, especially the opportunity for many 18-year-olds to vote for the first time. 

    “I’m very excited. It makes me feel grown,” Elizabethtown High School senior Mariah Dennison said.

  • Deck your dorm with the essentials

    By Alexis Piscatello

    Here we go,  summer has arrived. Time for sunbathing, movie-watching and hanging out with friends. Wait. What’s this about college and putting together a dorm room?

    For many new high school graduates, what to do about the dorm is a major blank spot on the college checklist. There are so many essentials we tend to forget about in our grand plans for college life.