• Point/Counterpoint: Is Hollywood appropriately targeting teens? No

    By Alexis Piscatello 

    Hollywood is a business and good businesses cater to their audiences, but Hollywood has begun catering their audiences to their movies.

    By changing the definition of cool, Hollywood is encouraging teens to watch more violent and immoral movies.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Is Hollywood appropriately targeting teens? Yes

    By Michael Niemeyer
    When this question arose, I thought, "Of course not."
    The more I mulled it over, however, the more I began to realize I was wrong.

    Making movies is a business just like anything else. And while not all movies are exactly tasteful, the majority of movies catering teens and most top grossing movies are not obscene.

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  • The price of prom

    By Kerry Skiff
    Prom is the last stop for seniors before graduation. It is a night when they can gather and enjoy music, food and time with friends.

    As Autumn Sandlin, a senior at Elizabethtown High School, said, “Prom is the staple of (the) high school experience. Everyone looks forward to it, sort of a last hurrah before graduation.”

    For many students, prom is a night to go all out and break the piggy bank or their parents' wallets.

  • ECTC Toy Box Theatre presents children's play

    Elizabethtown Community and Technical College’s Toy Box Theatre will present a children’s play, “Tales of the Mice,” at 10 a.m. April 24 and at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. April 26 in the Science Auditorium at ECTC.

    Directed by Katrina Eicher, professor of communication and theater, the one-hour production examines friendship in four African tales: “How the Mice Came to Tell Tales,” “How Ananse the Spider Passed on the Debt,” “The Talking Skull,” and “The Tug of War.”

  • EIS student makes turnaround at preschool

    Raiden Turner spent a recent Thursday morning in Christy Butler’s preschool at Panther Academy class quietly playing with dinosaur figures, walking them along cabinets around the play area. Occasionally, he let out a low growl.

    Raiden, 4, is finishing up his second year in preschool and his almost-silent, intent playtime belies a student whose initial goal when beginning school was to sit in class without becoming inconsolably upset.

  • Early programs lead to preschool

    The term “lifelong learner” typically refers to gaining knowledge later in life, but a true lifelong learner would begin the process at birth. In Hardin County, there are many programs that can start the educational process long before kindergarten.

  • Students' use of technology in the classroom grows

    By Nannette Johnston

    Hardin County Schools students use technology every day in their classrooms. In fact, a lot of those students carry those technological skills home and use them to do research, homework or to play educational games. HCS students are making groundbreaking strides with technology. Some of them displayed their work at the second annual Hardin County Schools Technology Fair last month.

  • Preschool can be found in variety of settings

    Public preschools are perhaps the most well-known of the early education options in the area, but parents looking for an educational setting for their 3- and 4-year-olds can find private preschools and child care centers that can offer the ABCs to their children.

    Many churches offer preschool programs, such as First Christian Church in Elizabethtown. Wilma Curry, the director of preschool and after-school programs with the church, said their preschool curriculum focuses on developing the students spiritually, physically, socially and academically.

  • Point/Counterpoint Facebook Yes

    By April Winebarger

    Have you ever liked someone’s status or picture? Have you ever creeped on someone’s profile, or timeline? In other words, have you ever used Facebook?

    In the culture of today’s teens, possession of a Facebook account is almost expected. The reason Facebook is so popular is that it is both useful and fun.