• Dash of class: Yamming it up

    The weeks sure roll around quickly. And what about this alphabet, hasn’t it gone by quickly? I think I am telling my age. They say the older you get, the faster time flies. I feel it.

    We are to the letter Y and what would you think of other than Yams. You say, “Oh, you mean sweet potatoes?” No, even though the terms are used interchangeably, there are differences. Because yams are not so available here, I have some sweet potato recipes.

  • Dash of Class: Friendly people, good recipes found in unexpected places

    You meet the nicest people in the most unusual places. I was riding my recumbent bike at the gym and started up a conversation with the lady riding the bike next to me. It was amazing the things we had in common, one of which is a love for cooking.

  • Kitchen Adventures: Gnocchi troubles, delicious result

    Pork Milanese is one of my favorite dishes to make for company. It’s a delicious Italian dish that can be paired with a salad, veggies, pasta or all of the above.

    For this particular meal, the dish was served with homemade potato gnocchi (dumpling pasta) in a tomato, basil and parmesan sauce. 

    The gnocchi decided to be difficult but luckily the end result was still a delicious treat.

  • Dash of Class: Greg Milby is 'One of Hardin County's Finest Cooks'

    This month’s “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks” and Labor Day recipes coincide. Even though today’s column is after Labor Day, there is still plenty of time for camping or cooking out.

    Greg Milby, director of programming for WQXE in Elizabethtown, is this month’s honoree. After doing a radio spot for my “Mama and Me” buffet, I was intrigued by his interest in cooking as he told me about his expertise in grilling and cooking out meals while family and friends camp.

  • Kitchen Adventures: Fancy appetizers with minimal effort

    Two things often happen when planning a before-meal appetizer or appetizers for a party. You either can think of something unique that stands out with your guest or you get in a rut and serve the same thing you always do. If in a rush, the appetizer often comes from a freezer.

    This week’s adventure includes two appetizers guaranteed to wow your guests with minimal effort.  

    The first is a recipe for prosciutto potato poppers. Prosciutto is a type of cured ham often used in Italian cooking.   

  • Kitchen Adventures: Frying fresh garden vegetables

    This adventure starts in the garden with a couple things to do with fresh vegetables.

    Since fresh always is better, garden season is great for people who love to cook. Coming up with new ideas to prepare garden goodies also is fun.

    After I interviewed Ruth Hayden, who was featured on last week’s Wednesday’s Woman page, she handed me her recipe for Summer Squash Patties. With some squash from the garden that needed to be eaten, I tried her recipe.

  • Dash of Class: Goodies for the lunchbox

    Here we are at the end of August, students have returned to school and the roads are less traveled without folks on vacations. I have some interesting recipes for you today and hope you will enjoy them.

    Some of you are fixing lunches for your children to take for school and I have included some recipes for cookies to include in their lunches.

  • Kitchen Adventures: Tally-ho, Jammie Dodgers in the kitchen

    After watching coverage of the Olympics in London, I was in the mood to cook something British.

    I decided, after hearing it mentioned in a couple episodes of “Doctor Who,” to make Jammie Dodgers.

    Jammie Dodgers are the brand name for a British biscuit, or cookies as we call it, made from shortbread and raspberry jam. They also are known as jam sandwich cookies.

  • Dash of Class: Watermelon and water chestnuts

    As we near the end of our alphabetical tour of fruits and vegetables, I remember all the neat recipes I have found. This week is no exception, with watermelon and water chestnuts.

    I love watermelon whether it is red, yellow or pink; seeded or seedless. And I never would have imagined the recipes I have for you — a watermelon drink, a watermelon salad and even a smoothie and frozen pops made from watermelon. They are very interesting choices. I already have tried one of the watermelon salads and it was quite tasty.

  • Dash of Class: Delicious recipe, stories surface at family reunion

    I hope you occasionally stop and offer thanks for your family, especially extended family. Mike and I just returned from a long weekend in Springfield, Ill., for the Boarman reunion. Because of health issues, I had not been there for probably six or more years.