• Kitchen Adventures: Dump the ingredients and enjoy this cobbler

    A few weekends ago, Tyler, my youngest cousin, got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. His reception food was a little outside the norm, but delicious.

    Wedding guests each brought a dish and it literally was an old-fashioned potluck down on the farm. The wedding and reception took place at the family homestead, which he bought a few years ago.

  • Dash of Class: Enjoy bounty from garden

    This time of the year is wonderful with so many fresh fruits and vegetables. My husband’s garden is already providing tomatoes, cabbage, green peppers, zucchini, summer squash and beets.

  • Kitchen Adventures: Making red, white and blue holiday treats

    The Fourth of July will be filled with picnics and family cookouts.

    Potato salad will be plentiful, many a chicken will be fried and grills will be fired up for a variety of eats.

    Whether you feast at a picnic, spread out on a blanket or surrounding the kitchen table, it’s an American tradition to celebrate our nation’s independence with food.

    Actually, like many other cultures, it’s an American tradition to celebrate pretty much anything with food.

  • Dash of Class: Celebrating home with a collection of White Mills recipes

    Thomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home again.” I disagree.

    I go home to a wonderful community festival, White Mills Days, as often as I can. It always is on the weekend of the Fourth of July and is because of the good graces of the White Mills Christian Camp who owns the old Richardson Hotel.

    The camp is second to none with wonderful facilities and this weekend, the White Mills Civic League holds its festival on their campground.

  • Marion Whitehouse is “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks”

    Rachel Daugherty, a former student at West Hardin High School, nominated this month’s “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks.”

    Rachel is part of her Central Hardin fan club. Rachel first got to try her cooking when she and Rachel fed the Central Hardin football team for their pre-game dinners. She also had the pleasure of cooking for their post-season banquet and the lunches and snacks for the Central Hardin High School JROTC and their Raider Team the past four years.

  • Treats any Goonie would love

    Sometimes food can be fun, especially when geeky friends are involved. Theming your snacks around something you are doing or watching can help elevate the mood at any gathering.

    This adventure involves food, friends and “The Goonies.”

    That’s right, “The Goonies,” a crazy group of kids who tried to save the Goon Docks in the 1985 flick.

    A group of friends decided to watch the movie last week. We decided to craft snacks around things featured in the film.

  • Spring into summer barbecue season

    Even though summer is not here, (yes, that’s right; despite the warm temperatures,) summer doesn’t start until June 21. Since we have had toasty warm temperatures, it makes us yearn for a good cookout. Even Mike and I have had grilled chicken.

    Today I have recipes for sauces and rub for grilling. I didn’t want to wait much later as any evening is a great time to grill and eat out or in.

  • Don't fall apart over pull apart bread

    Looks can be deceiving, especially online

    There’s something a little dangerous about finding recipes online. In a cookbook, there’s isn’t always a picture to look at so there’s no disappointment when your recipe doesn’t look as glamorous as expected.

    But when you find recipes online, especially on Pinterest, you can feel let down when the final result doesn’t look glorious.

  • Dash of Class: Smoothies

    I have something different this week. One of my readers asked that I have a column on smoothies.

    When I hear the word “smoothie,” I think milk shake — something from Wendy’s or Steak n’ Shake or Laker Drive In where they serve wonderful peanut butter milk shakes, uh smooth.

    On the serious side, most smoothies are healthy. They could be a smoothie high in protein, or high in calcium or for making it an easy way to eat your greens. Believe it or not, I have seen recipes for smoothies that incorporate spinach and kale. Yum.

  • Getting saucy with your steak

    Everyone likes their steak a certain way and can be pretty particular about it. And they should be, because a great steak is a wonderful treat but a bad steak is a disappointing disaster.

    My mom, for example, is a steak purist. She doesn’t really like any kind of sauce as long as it’s a well cooked steak.

    I am usually not that particular. I like a juicy steak but like it prepared a variety of ways.