• The Best: Favorite dip recipes

    I don’t make dips very often, but when I do, it will always be one of my three favorite dips – Bulle Dip, Artichoke Dip or Knorr Spinach Dip.

    The recipe for Bulle Dip, aka Buffalo Chicken Dip, came from Tami Miller who works at Merle Norman in Elizabethtown. She got the recipe from her friend, Freddie Bulle of Glasgow, thus the name, Bulle Dip. This is a real favorite in the newsroom. Several of my coworkers have said it tastes like Buffalo Chicken in a dip form, so feel free to rename it Buffalo Chicken Dip.

  • The Best: Favorite fall desserts

    Every week I start my column with something like “One of my all-time favorite recipes is ...” and you’re probably wondering just how many all-time favorite recipes one person could have. But I kid you not, all these recipes I’m featuring now are really my all-time favorites.

  • Dash of Class: October recipe roundup

    Normally, this column features a recipe roundup at the end of the month. I’m rounding up a little early this month to accommodate Halloween recipes next week.

    I have some very good recipes for you to try.

    The first recipe is a Southern Living recipe. I had this cake at the home of my friend, Elaine Alicna, and it is really very good.

  • The Best

    I’m not as a rule a huge fan of chili or tacos. But I surely do love these two recipes – Janet Steller’s White Chicken Chili and Mitzi Crowe’s Taco Soup. Both chili and taco soup are traditionally made with ground beef, but these recipes use chicken.

  • Fig cake, grape pie make unique desserts

    Here we are again on an alphabetical field trip through Culinary Land and this week we are featuring the letters F and G. Now that sounded like something I first heard on “Sesame Street.” But no, we are in the midst of another “Dash of Class” column and I have information about figs and grapes that I hope you find informative and interesting.

  • Dash of Class: One of Hardin County's Finest Cooks

    It is the first Tuesday of the month and time to honor “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks.”
    Since I began this series, I have honored many women, men, couples and even an outstanding cook still in high school. But as I was getting nominations and searching for someone worthy of being honored, I forgot to look in one very obvious place, my own home. My husband, Mike, is an excellent cook and I am not talking about a grilled main course that he did all by himself. I am talking about full course meals.

  • The Best: Slow-cooked and savory chicken

    In the start of fall has you ready to put your slow cooker to good use, try these two really good slow cooker chicken recipes.

    The Easy Cheesy Slow Cooker Chicken recipe is from Melissa Hartmann of Sonora. She says she usually adds an additional can of condensed cheddar cheese soup to the mix. She also makes sure when she serves this she has fresh cauliflower or broccoli as side dishes so she can use the wonderful cheese sauce over the steamed vegetables. The recipe suggests serving the chicken over rice or noodles, but Melissa has always used noodles.

  • Dash of Class: Recipe Roundup

    After healthy desserts last week, I have a wonderful lemon cake recipe that definitely is not as healthy. Thanks to my dear friend, Ann Reeser, for sending both these recipes.

    Luscious Lemon Cake

    ½ c. shortening

    1 c. sugar

    1 t. vanilla

    1 t. lemon flavoring

    2 eggs

    2 c. cake flour

    ¾ t. soda

    1 t. baking powder

    ½ t. salt

    1 c. buttermilk

    1 lemon, rind grated

  • The Best: Two ways to prepare pork chops

    I got this recipe for Pork Chop Casserole out of the Hardin County Cookbook years ago, and it has remained one of my favorite recipes. I love the way the sauerkraut taste seeps into the potatoes. I have made it several times with very lean, boneless pork chops, and while it’s still very good, it’s not nearly as juicy as it is when made with pork chops on the bone.

  • The Best: Favorite soup recipes

    Fall is almost here, and I’m already craving soup. I love a good soup – even more than desserts, believe it or not.

    Both of these soups featured today have been in my column before, but to me, they really are the best. I love them, and I nearly always have a quart or two of each of them in the freezer.