Today's Features

  • If you are itching for an adventure, the Historic State Theater has just the weekend for you.

    The Indiana Jones trilogy starring Harrison Ford will be shown this weekend for thrill-seeking audiences who are fans of the man in the brown fedora.

  • The News-Enterprise

    Elizabethtown photographer and author David Toczko captured first place in tthe Kentucky Bourbon Festival’s photography contest.

    Toczko won with his photo titled “Good to the Last Drop,” which depicts the filling of a barrel prior to being sent to a rickhouse for aging. The results were announced Sept. 9.

  • The story of Winter the dolphin continues in “Dolphin Tale 2” and it’s just as inspiring as the first film.

    In the sequel, Winter loses her dolphin companion and the team has to find a suitable friend. They hope to find that companion in a dolphin named Hope. Everyone needs friendship, even dolphins.

  • This past weekend I found myself wearing a T-shirt that designated me as an artist.

    I kind of felt like a fraud.

    You see, this was for Via Colori, the Italian street painting festival held annually in downtown Elizabethtown. The day-long event featured artists who could draw circles around me and do so in such a way as to create art.

  • In a couple of months, Rene Hutcheson will mark her fifth anniversary as director of the Hardin County Public Library. Her role has been one of changes, whether keeping up with them or implementing them.

    Hutcheson said libraries, in general, have changed over the years and when she began at the Hardin County Public Library, she had ideas she wanted to implement.

  • I’ve heard millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are lazy and impatient, rude to their elders and more intent on scrolling through Facebook posts than communicating in any meaningful way with those around them.

    And then I go to a Tuesday night Connections meeting.

  • Eating healthy isn’t always fun and is difficult to do when you are doing it all on your own.

    In an attempt to eat healthier, a group of friends decided to have a smoothie night. I’m not sure if we are getting healthier but it makes trying fun.

    Armed with a variety of fruits and five blenders, we took on the task of making many smoothies to taste test.

  • If you are a widow or widower or just live alone, it must be difficult to prepare meals.

  • Bob Hack is a cancer survivor whose goal is to help give hope to others walking the same path.

    At 74, Hack is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society and has served as Relay for Life sponsorship chairman for six years.

    His first round of cancer was in 1987 in the form of stomach cancer later diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  • Do you really ever know what your day is going to be like when you wake up?

    I don’t.

    Some mornings I may hear a song on Pandora and it sets the day in the right direction, or maybe someone nearly crashes into me on Dixie Avenue and that turns into the path for the day.